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<Kolev>Haunt is a complicated site generator, compared to Jekyll. I don't like it.
***sneek_ is now known as sneek
<daviid>Kolev: itisused by quite a few guilers, inckudibg for guile and guix websites, to nme two ... why don't you email guile-user, subjet 'haunt: ...', express yourdifficultiesand suggest improvments ... i don't use it personally, i use sxml->xml and a build system that pre-daates haunt, butishall move to use it in thelong future...
<Kolev>daviid, i'd have to edit the builder to make the blog follow my uri scheme
<daviid>wht ver you say, i am not gona help you here, it's not my domain, but i would report, by email ... and see
<singpolyma>Jekyll means you're stuck with liquid. If you want a Ruby one nanoc is great
<Kolev>singpolyma, for future pages, I'd prefer to use Scheme instead of Liquid.
<Kolev>singpolyma, I orig. wanted to use Haunt, but Jekyll is a lot more convenient. If I create a dir, it creates a dir in the generated website. It doesn't dictate my URIs like Haunt's blog builder does.
<Kolev>singpolyma, I haven't gotten into Liquid. I'd pref. Scheme.
<singpolyma>Yeah, liquid is garbage. Even most people at Shopify hate it
<Kolev>singpolyma, the only thing I dislike about Haunt is that URI structure depends on the builder. I see people all have their own builders because of this. It sucks.
<Kolev>I just want to write my Markdown and shove some Scheme code into it.
<Kolev>singpolyma, what is Shopify? Seems like some proprietary garbage.
<singpolyma>Yes, Shopify is the company that makes and maintains liquid
<singpolyma>It's a key part of their nonfree sass crap
<singpolyma>I worked there 5 years :)
<Kolev>I never found out why Liquid is junk. I just don't see the point in learning yet another language just to avoid using PHP.
<Kolev>daviid, I would like to be more involved in mailing lists, but keeping my contacts sync'd is hard, and getting the mailing lists to auto-sort into their own folders is hard
<Kolev>daviid, what is the mailing list address?
<Kolev>singpolyma, why do you say Liquid is necessarily garbage?
<daviid>Kolev: if you are 'serious' about using guile, you want to al least join the guile-user ML, and maybe even guile-devel [just 'to keep an eye'] ...
<singpolyma>Kolev: it's just not really designed at all. It was evolved over time by a inexperienced CEO to solve a problem at his startup
*Kolev glares at JavaScript
<singpolyma>What do you have against JavaScript?
*cwebber has things against javascript, but Jessie is at least a nice subset
<singpolyma>It's not top of my list these days, but JavaScript is pretty nice overall
<cwebber>also, IMO Haunt is pretty nice, it could use more love, but I think dave did a great job with it and I use it for several projects
*cwebber shrugs tho
<Kolev>cwebber, I just wish I didn't have to code to use it as a website generator.
<Kolev>I don't need to know Ruby to use Jekyll.
<Kolev>Also, I'm sorry I said "sucks."
<cwebber>Kolev: well, the goal of Haunt specifically *is* to be a thing where you're coding to build it, structurally
<cwebber>if that's not for you for this purpose, that's ok, lots of other options out there :)
<Kolev>I'll stick with Jekyll, I guess.
<cwebber>Kolev: and Haunt will be here if you do decide you want something lisp-hackable eventually :)
<Kolev>cwebber, i wanted to insert lisp code into my webpages, not webpages into my lisp code
<cwebber>I personally love inserting lisp code into my webpages *and* vice versa, so everyone has their own needs and wants