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***alMalsamo is now known as lumberjack123
<rlb>3.0.8-1 made it to debian testing
<daviid>rlb: great!
<dsmith>rlb: Wooo
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<rlb>wingo: looks like 3.0.8-1 may not yet be reproducible in debian: and there's a "differences" link in the left column. I was surprised that further down on the left, 3.0.5-4 claims to be reproducible on both arm64 and armhf. I didn't realize any of them were yet, and had hoped 3.0.8 might be (or be very close).
<rlb>i.e. the diff:
<amk>hey, would anyone have an idea on how to resolve this error: "scm_from_stringn" "input locale conversion error"? I'm getting it while trying to compile guix on alpine.
<lilyp>amk: IIRC guix uses en_US.utf8 as locale during compilation of packages mostly to ensure I/O is done in UTF-8
<lilyp>Are you building guix itself with a different locale?
<amk>lilyp: I'm not sure, i'm just building with whatever my default locale is,i've tried setting LANG=en_US.utf8 and LC_ALL to the same but it fails at the same spot
<lilyp>which spot would that be?
<amk>fails to load gnu/system/install.scm line 127 (as of 1.3.0) with the scm_from_stringn error from above
<amk>actually i dont know that its 127 but im pretty sure that is where the problem is
<amk>i can just patch it out if needs be, i dont think its relevant for packaging guix
<lilyp>Just for the record, building release versions of Guix has no meaning
<lilyp>also that line is very relevant, as it sets the locale of the process
<lilyp>you might want to call (peek locale) just before it
<lilyp>but given that even that fails, it appears you fall into the error case and setlocale itself is raising issues?
<cwebber>hello hello
<amk>yeah i guess it must be setlocale
<cwebber>hm I'm awfully confused
<cwebber>lilyp: I'm trying to run your shitsumon example of tsukundere. both tsukundere and guile-wisp are in my guix environment, but
<cwebber>tsukundere run -L $PWD -A $PWD -m shitsumon
<cwebber>system/base/language.scm:66:8: In procedure default-environment:
<cwebber>no such language wisp
<cwebber>which is super weird becaue
<cwebber>cwebber@chicory:~/programs/tsukundere-shitsumon$ guile
<cwebber>GNU Guile 3.0.7
<cwebber>Copyright (C) 1995-2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
<cwebber>Guile comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details type `,show w'.
<cwebber>This program is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
<cwebber>under certain conditions; type `,show c' for details.
<cwebber>Enter `,help' for help.
<cwebber>scheme@(guile-user)> ,L wisp
<cwebber>Happy hacking with Wisp Scheme Syntax. See SRFI-119 for details. THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! To switch back, type `,L scheme'.
<cwebber>works just fine
<cwebber>seems pretty strange
<cwebber>guile --language wisp, also fine
<amk>lilyp: im not sure what's going wrong, running (setlocale ...) in the regular repl works fine, must be something weird with whatever chroot thing alpines build system uses.
<rlb>completely random guess, maybe the chroot doesn't have the relevant locale files or similar.
<rlb>(missing "build dep" ish)
<rlb>Suppose if that were the case, strace might show what it's hunting for...
<lilyp>cwebber: that's because tsukundere hardcodes GUILE_LOAD_PATH
<lilyp>you have to either add wisp as input to tsukundere or use TSUKUNDERE_LOAD_PATH instead; the reason I'm doinng this is to prevent accidental leakage of games into guile and vice-versa
<lilyp>also, there are some license difficulties just like in your case in guile-gcrypt
<lilyp>I chose to avoid having wisp as direct input because then it'd be unclear for a pack whether the GPL or LGPL applies; I want to be clear that it's the LGPL
<amk>turns out the issue i was having has to do with the (define %installation-services section, havent narrowed that bit down, but there are some other musl specific issues popping up to do with linkers
<lilyp>does alpine not have glibc or do you just not want to use it?
<amk>its pretty strict about not using musl
<amk>i think its possible to install unoficially but discouraged
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<amk>I think i've resolved the issues building (besides the locale one), its not too many changes to build on musl it seems, whether or not it works on the other hand remains to be seen.
<cwebber>lilyp: ah hm
<cwebber>lilyp: thx for the clarification!