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<rlb>wingo: of the release architectures looks like s390x may have a problem with 3.0.8 -- I'll investigate later if no one else beats me to it:
<rlb>kinda odd - looks like at least some of the failures are in web-server.test
<rlb>Running web-server.test
<rlb>ERROR: web-server.test: GET / - arguments: ((system-error "connect" "~A" ("Connection refused") (111)))
<rlb>ERROR: web-server.test: GET /latin1 - arguments: ((system-error "connect" "~A" ("Connection refused") (111)))
<rlb>We'll need to figure that out before 3.0.8 should migrate to testing.
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<civodul>weird failure with cross-compiled Guile:
<wingo>civodul: weird. SCM_SIZEOF_LONG seems to be getting set to 8 in that case ?
<civodul>the log says "checking size of long... 4"
<civodul>i think the LTO logic doesn't work when cross-compiling: we end up using "gcc-objcopy" etc. when it should be "TRIPLET-gcc-objcopy"
<wingo>if autotools were maintained this would be automatic ;-)
<civodul>i'm building with --disable-lto to see if it helps
<civodul>Autoconf saw a couple of releases last year! :-)
<civodul>but yeah
<trofi>while lto is mentioned i'll post here :)
<civodul>building with --disable-lto doesn't help
<civodul>trofi: oh good catch, thanks!
<blacked>When will GNU guile replace elisp in emacs ?
<blacked>tell me when
<trofi>is there any active work to do it?
<blacked>trofi how about changing elisp to guile ?
<pinoaffe>blacked: noone is working on changing elisp to guile
<pinoaffe>some people have worked on implementing elisp on top of the guile vm, which would allow for more easy interoperability between elisp and guile
<blacked>can i single handedly change elisp to guile?
<blacked>why cant?
<pinoaffe>blacked: emacs consists of more than a million lines of lisp, and that's just the elisp tree itself, nevermind the countless packages written for emacs in emacs lisp
<dsmith>blacked: Go for it! But will probably take about 10-15 years or so.
<blacked>I heard that google, had a transpiler that convert all the python code to golang and its real.
<blacked>elisp ---magica transpiler--> guile
<pinoaffe>if you want to script emacs in guile, your best bet is running emacs on the guile-based elisp implementation, if/when that works, it should be fairly easy to script emacs in guile or to port specific chunks of elisp to guile
<blacked>its easy as that :/
<dsmith>blacked: So. Do that.
<blacked>ok i cant. .
<pinoaffe>blacked: yes, compilers that compile one language to another are a thing, they tend to output code that is not particularly readable though
<blacked>But what if stallman, changed his mind and singlehandeldy try to change elisp to guile :)
<blacked>yes of course other will contribute
<pinoaffe>realistically, that won't happen, and if it did, it'd lead to people forking emacs
<blacked>no i mean, he fork emacs, not touching official emacs that is running. offcial will run as today it is
<pinoaffe>then probably hardly anything would happen
<blacked>oh ok :)
<pinoaffe>I'm personally very excited by the idea of a elisp -> guile bytecode compiler, far much than the idea of an elisp -> guile compiler, but it seems like elisp-on-guile is in a somewhat unstable state and I don't know whether it's being actively developed
<blacked>folks, dont hate be but if something not done, guile,lisp,fsf would collapse :(
<dsmith>blacked: People have been using emacs for (quessing) 30 years, it's *not* going to go away.
<blacked>emacs elisp is the worst programming language, its not usable outside :(   in other apps,
<blacked>except for guile,cmmonlisp
<dsmith>Emacs lisp grew into what it was to support was was needed in the emacs editor. It's not really a general purpose language.
<blacked>so problem is in right there . thats why other got popular, only hacker culture , like myself only know or use of it
<blacked>:b  i told everyone even my cs project that i use emacs , to feel superior and hacker type
<singpolyma>blacked: pretty sure emacs-guile is packaged in guix if you wanna play with it
<dsmith>blacked: ?? You should use something because it's useful, not for emotional feelings or as a way to impress people.
<blacked>:)  primary goal was not to impress people but a different aspect, yes ofcouse it is to look cool but also other like emacs key bindings make it easy ,
<blacked>also i was thinking what if it was emacs key bindings that bjarne, james gosling, rms , ..... had got sharp mind who knows?
<mwette>elisp is dynamically scoped; guile is lexically-scoped, but with fluids
<mwette>(or rather scheme is lexically scoped, but guile provides fluids)
<blacked>mwette are you willing to convert :/
<pinoaffe>blacked: please stop shitposting here
<blacked>ok :)
<pinoaffe>if you want to use emacs, go use emacs, if you don't, don't use emacs
<blacked>no i use emacs thats it , :/
<dsmith-work>UGT Greetings, Guilers
<blacked>ok see you have a nice day pinoaffe :)
<chrislck>what was that all about
*chrislck goes back to feeding the bot
<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
<lilyp>dsmith: Joke's on you, I use Emacs Lisp as a general purpose language.
<dsmith-work>lilyp: Hah! Merely starving the troll.
<stis>Tragic times guilers, Tragic times, Everybody Hi!
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