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<ArneBab>drakonis: missed it (was reading a book to my kids) — can you summarize the discussion?
<drakonis>it is in the logs
<drakonis>hardly anything took place after the discussion
<drakonis>it was about structuring the process
<ArneBab>ok — thanks for the info!
<stis>Hi guilers!
<trofi>hej :)
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*mwette is digging into the debug support in guile (repl, traps, hooks, vm, dwarf)
<dsmith>mwette: Do it!
<nckx>dsmith: Hi! Just noticed some… worrying creativity on sneek's part? (bottom). I think it's… evolving?
<nckx>But for real, how does that nick approximation work?
<stis>Hello guilers!
<dsmith>nckx: It's wack. "seen" and "sneek" match, for example!
<dsmith>nckx: The code:
<nckx>I'm not going to look at the code but will assume it to be ‘if 90% of the letters are, like, there, in whatever order.’
<nckx>Well if you make it so easy I just might :) Thanks.
<nckx>Oh, so it's more clever than I gave it credit for, not less. dannym → Dynom makes more sense then. Cool.
<dsmith>That stuff is from sarahbot
<dsmith>The original
<stis>A lookup to find theindex of one element of a list of 16 elements takes 2ns assuming a hash(i) = i and a 8bit pre check !!
<stis>needs -(3
<stis>needs -O3