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<cwebber>thanks efraim for the guix.scm patch for goblins
<cwebber>probably ought to try to get out a v0.1 release or somethin... actually I'm not sure what version number to call it since the racket version is at v0.9
<mwette>system/vm/dward.pdf says guile uses DWARF v2 w/ some stuff from v3. Is that still true?
<lampilelo>cwebber: where's the repo for guile goblins? i'd like to take a look
<cwebber>lampilelo: here ya go!
<lampilelo>cwebber: huh, how did i miss it? thanks
<cwebber>lampilelo: I should maybe try to get it up into guix today or somethin
<lampilelo>it would be nice, although doesn't matter for me personally, since i don't use guix (anymore/yet)
<lampilelo>i used it as a secondary package manager on my system, but it was a pain dealing with maintaining two environments for compiling stuff
<lampilelo>maybe i should switch to guix distro but i'm too comfy with my current setup to put any effort into it
<cwebber>lampilelo: it's still usefulf or dev envoironments tho (which is what the readme recommends)
<lampilelo>cwebber: yeah, i figured this much, but i'll just pull the dependencies manually and build everything into a temporary prefix, it'll be fine! :P
<cwebber>lampilelo: there's not too much in terms of dependencies anyway
<lilyp>cwebber: I know this is nitpicking, but wouldn't it make sense to add a manifest.scm just so that you don't have to add guile-hall as native-input to goblins?
<cwebber>lilyp: isn't guix.scm the same as manifest.scm ?
<cwebber>I thought they were both used the same way
<cwebber>at any rate I'm open to improvements to packaging it
<cwebber>maybe I should just tag what I've got in git as a release as-is
<cwebber>lilyp: however it's arguable that if I just committed the which hall generates there would be no need for others to install hall
<cwebber>it would be just ready to go from git
<singpolyma>cwebber: guix.scm is a package definition and guix shell will get the inputs. manifest.scm is a manifest of whatever stuff you want in dev and guix shell just pulls in whatever the manifest says
<singpolyma>Usually I have a manifest.scm that loads the guix.scm, builds the dev manifest from it and then appends other dev tools (like linters, etc)
<singpolyma>(if both are present guix shell prefers manifest.scm for exactly this reason)
<cwebber>ok someone want to submit a patch? :)