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<sneek>chrislck: Greetings
<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
<trofi>Sent '[PATCH] Test -flto on both compiler and linker' to guile-devel@ a few hours ago. Index at still does not show it. Posting here in case it got stuck in some filter.
<mwette>trofi: didn't see a post on devel
<ft>trofi: It did arrive here, but only recently. Maybe some greylisting stuff going on.
<trofi>mwette, ft: thank you! I see it now as well.
<balbi>hi folks, quick question: Is there a way to half-way auto-generate bindings for any given C library to guile? It appears that `guile-snarf' is for extracing calls to `SCM_DEFINE()
<sneek>Welcome back balbi, you have 1 message!
<sneek>balbi, acrow says: Thanks for recommending the guile compiler tower docs. I've been referencing that documentation for many years now and I am always left with the feeling that I'm in the the best of hands and inspired to imagine doing more. Great stuff. Great work and it just gets better and better. Wow.
<lampilelo>balbi: you have basically 2 options: swig and nyacc, the first one will generate a c file that needs to be loaded through a load-extension call, and the second one will create scheme files that wrap the library using ffi
<balbi>lampilelo: thanks a lot. I'll have a look at both :)
<lampilelo>i mean the c file that needs to be then compiled as a shared library
<lampilelo>to be clear
<balbi>lampilelo: figured as much :)
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<lampilelo>balbi: mwette is the one who wrote nyacc, so you can bug him if you can't figure something out :P
<balbi>hah, good to know, thanks a lot :)
<lampilelo>and speaking about nyacc, the "ffi helper" part is what you're looking for
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<mwette>nyacc doc for ffi-helper:
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