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<daviid>dsmith I don't understand the above sentence
<dsmith>heh. Sorry.
<dsmith>I vaguely remember there was some function to call that made Guile primives into methods. Or allowed generic methods to be defined for primitves. Something like that.
<dsmith>scheme@(guile-user)> (class-of +)
<dsmith>$1 = #<<procedure-class> <procedure> 7f535a0ea580>
<daviid>and ensure-generic - but that is a totally different subject then the original apteryx quiz - (a) scheme has no 'type-of' procedure, (b) goops has [it has to of course, since this is part of the topological sort for polimorphism dispatch ...] but then you ned to import goops, apteryx mostly works with/for guix, which is 'goops alergic' so to speak, no pun, just saying ...
<dsmith>Ah, ensure-generic was prob it.
<dsmith>Sorry about that. For some reason I thought that needed to happen before "native" things were "goopsy".
<apteryx>eh, thanks for shedding these tricks! I didn't goops could do that for any instance.
<apteryx>didn't know*
<blacked>Hey folks
<blacked>is guile as fast as sbcl?
<blacked>oh i get into problem , what dialect of lisp should i learn ? :/
<blacked>`Common Lisp` vs `Scheme` vs `Guile` ??
<singpolyma>Guile Scheme is Scheme
<daviid>blacked: you should ask those quiz in #scheme
<daviid>and #lisp
<blacked>right i
<sneek>Welcome back chrislck :)
<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
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<rlb>wingo: I haven't had time to think about it, but just wondered vaguely wrt the gc/hash question if heavy use of persistent data structures might make hash calls a lot more common (say maybe at least once per object when computing compound hashes).
<sneek>Welcome back rlb, you have 1 message!
<sneek>rlb, mwette says: civodul posted patch for #lang to
<rlb>mwette: thanks.
<cwebber>ArneBab: nice job getting wisp-mode 0.3.0 out!
<rlb>(fwiw, at a much higher level, in some cases, lokke does lazy hashing right now, i.e. stores the hash as an atomically updated value the first time it's requested)
<cwebber>also thanks for the shout out ;)
<cwebber>also! I've been vaguely contemplating "what would it look like to combine Wisp, Skribe, and Scribble for document authoring?"
<cwebber>and I'm not sure yet but I feel like there's something there
<cwebber>at minimum
<cwebber>could just have [] hop into skribe mode, but just support unquoting with the usual scheme () only once inside maybe
<cwebber>but maybe there is something better. I'm not sure.
<rlb>(I think I may have also just let parallel attempts race for now -- they'll both come up with the same value, and whichever one wins is fine and becomes the permanent value.)
<cwebber>oh wow
<cwebber>looking at lilyp's shitsumon.w
<cwebber>this is awesome
<lilyp>It's more of a pain to get working than dystopia.el, though ._.
<cwebber>lilyp: I still need to try dystopia.el!
<cwebber>I'm pleased that you're making these though
<pinoaffe>hi folks! does anyone happen to know whether there is an IRC channel for skribilo?
<lagash> pinoaffe: /query alis