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<stis>Hi guilers!
<stis>that was tricky, to get a assembler macro working
<stis>Now at 60 Millon operations per second!! 20M operations per second for guile that's 35-40X performance increase with pausable continuations
<ArneBab>wow …
<stis>Ah sorry I mean 20x
<stis>python takes 0.5s and I am at 0.3s
<stis>usual delimited continuation version takes more than 7s
<ArneBab>is what you’re doing a fast-path in Python?
<stis>speeding up generators
<stis>general speed no fast path. I found that the overhead using delimited continuation is abit underwhlming (15X)
<stis>actually python-on-guiles generators has really really poor performance
<lilyp>pfft, only 15x 😛️
<stis>So there the speed up might be better
<lilyp>is that because python-on-guile generators could technically mutate state or what's the problem?
<stis>delimited continuations store and resore the stack, I avoid this step iwith the pausing continuations
<stis>so what we do is store the address and some registers and jump
<stis>also there are some cruft of fluids and other stuff that causes lost cpu cyckiles
<stis>at each oteration
<stis>I got this to work with the jit engine as well that is a nice little hack
<stis>therefore the speed
<stis>wiw get 3X with the jit
<stis>compared to bytecode
<lilyp>do fluids still work correctly after your patch?
<stis>currently just a proof of concept, not sure how to handle fluids, maybe we need to unwind and wind the dynamic winds and then it will work
<lilyp>okay, still cool
<stis>This is actuallyy a quite complex patch
<stis>I got it tobe safe towards memory amd handles growing stacks, but ordinary continuations does not work yet, fluids, exceptions needs work as well as stack schrinkage and stack traces
<ArneBab>that sounds pretty cool
<abcdw>Hi guile, we have unquote for lists `(,symbol-value-will-be-here) Is there something similar for vector? Something like #(,symbol-val-instead-of-symbol-itself-here)
<pinoaffe>abcdw: you can do `#(1 2 3 ,four 5)
<pinoaffe>as in (let ((four 4)) `#(1 2 3 ,four 5)) is equal to #(1 2 3 4 5)
<abcdw>pinoaffe: Wow, that's a really cool, thank you very much. Probably we need to add it to guile manual, do someone has a commit access or it's better to send a patch?
<lilyp>abcdw: I think that's just a feature of quasiquote
<lilyp>i.e. the vector syntax is still the same, but it gets expanded to (quasiquote (vector 1 2 3 (unquote four) 5))
<lilyp>which is then turned into (vector 1 2 3 4 5)
<pinoaffe>lilyp: yeah afaik it's just the quasiquote syntax, though i guess it only works because '#(1 2 3 4 5) is equal to #(1 2 3 4 5)
<pinoaffe>though I agree with abcdw that documenting these types of things might be useful
<abcdw>Yep, I was looking for it in manual/ddg/google/so a few times during the last year and only now decided to ask in a chat. Would be really nice to have it in a section with vectors read syntax or vector creation.
<abcdw>Actually, this is one feature (absence of my knowledge about it) that originally stopped me from using vectors for some usecases, where they fits well.
<pinoaffe>abcdw: oh and you could also write (vector 1 2 3 four 5)
<dsmith>Note that there is a difference btween #() and (vector).
<dsmith>scheme@(guile-user)> (eq? #(1 2 3) #(1 2 3))
<dsmith>$1 = #t
<dsmith>scheme@(guile-user)> (eq? (vector 1 2 3) (vector 1 2 3))
<dsmith>$2 = #f
<abcdw>pinoaffe: yep, I'm aware of (vector ...) from manual, but it doesn't work well for my usecase) but thank you for mentioning it, and big thank you for the `#() one more time! :)
<dsmith>#() forms are constant. And so are not mutable.
<abcdw>dsmith: Thank you for the notes, will keep it in mind. It's the same for '() vs (list)
<jpoiret>wow, didn't know about the '() (list) distinction
<pinoaffe>dsmith: oh wow, I didn't know that the reader syntax generates constant/immutable vectors
<abcdw>jpoiret: I didn't know it either before message from dsmith, maybe I'll take a deeper look at implementation of reader macros one day.
*mwette not having success with applying my load-lang patch to 3.0.8 tarball so starting with a git-repo based local branch (wip-load-lang). Hope it goes better.
<stis>Hey guilers!
<mwette>anyone have ref to the patch for test-out-of-memory failure?
<mwette>rlb: thanks
<mwette>I think I have load-lang ported to 3.0.8, though needs review. I will post soon.