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<rlb>wingo, et al.: unless anyone feels differently, or has a better alternative, it looks like we crash on alpha machines when threads are enabled, so I'm probably going to backward-incompatibly disable threads there (in debian), and ask for a full dep-tree rebuild:
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<rlb>(that's "ok" because it's not a release arch)
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<rlb>...and afaik, it's a retired architecture.
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<stis>Hey guilers!
<wingo>distcheck worked :)
*chrislck has no idea what's going on but the enthusiasm is contagious...
<stis>wingo: got some nice speed improvements with the spghetty stack thingy
<stis>should mean improvements for fibers as well
<stis>how do I get guile to leave a core file?
<wingo>stis: it's not up to guile, it's up to the os
<wingo>ulimit -c unlimited
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***wingo changes topic to 'Welcome to #guile. See for more information. Guile 3.0.8 is out! <>. This channel is logged, see <>. Bug database at <>.'
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<stis>hmm I tried that
<lloda>3.0.8 hype
<wingo>3.0.8 release done
<civodul>wingo: woohoo, congrats! \o/
<civodul>that's a pretty big one!
<wingo>somewhat! been a while anyway
<wingo>i fully expect a 3.0.9 in a few weeks :P
<wingo>civodul: i hope that it's reproducible at -jN, fwiw
<wingo>i tried it here and it was ok for some -j35 rebuilds
<civodul>i'll give it a spin and let you know how it goes
*civodul spawns a --rounds=2 build
<stis>\o/ a cheer to the dev team, nice work!
<civodul>wingo: the two-round build finished, and it's reproducible! \o/
<wingo>reproducible cross-module inlining :)
<stis>Yay my mad stack sphaghetti moster can jit
<stis>Improve speed by 2x
<dsmith>-j35 !!
*sneek dances
<stis>I'm now a total of 12X faster than standard delimited continuation for the python generator use case
<stis>yeah stack resizing works
<vijaymarupudi_>Thanks for 3.0.8!
<dsmith-work>Happy, Happy Friday Guilers!!
<dsmith-work>Release day!
<civodul>Happy Friday! Happy release day! :-)
<tohoyn>daviid: how are you going to proceed with G-Golf?
<daviid>tohoyn: hello! i recently answered you, here, with the near future roadmap, which didn't change (the roadmap) -
<rlb>wingo: are there docs for what I'll need to do to make the debian builds reproducible? (suspect vagrantc will be happy.)
<daviid>wingo: congrat and thanks for the new realease!
<tohoyn>daviid: could you resend the answer?
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<dsmith-work>Three oh point eight
<dsmith-work>This release is really great
<dsmith-work>The performance is now, quite respectable
<dsmith-work>Build after build, the files are identical!
<wingo>rlb: wrt reproducibility the goal would be nothing special needs to be done
<wingo>should be reproducible as-is afaiu
<wingo>though i could be wrong of course!
<singpolyma>Hello all! Is there anything like (compile) that takes a string? I'm trying to eval a string of ecmascript without writing a tempfile for (compile-file)
<wingo>singpolyma: read-and-compile from (system base compile)
<wingo>use call-with-input-string to get the port
<singpolyma>wingo: thanks! Is that in the manual somewhere?
<wingo>horribly, no ;)
<wingo>tho there is eval-string which is in the manual
<wingo>takes a #:lang kwarg
<wingo>and will compile for languages without a built-in interpreter (i.e. everything but scheme)
<singpolyma>Ok, I will look at that too, thanks