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<chrislck>sneek: botsnack
<civodul>with read-syntax's source location annotations via make-syntax + vector, we have 8 words of overhead per token
<civodul>would be nice to reduce it to a single word containing line + column (file name could be threaded from parent tokens somehow)
<mwette>one cons cell per token: car is col#, cdr is line-pair, where line-pair car is line#, cdr is file-pair (or filename)
<civodul>that's two cells :-)
<mwette>even with one line cell per line, one file cell per file ?
<mwette>(I'm not wise to the internals of guile. FWIW)
<wingo>civodul: read-syntax annotating immediates is a design goal i think
<wingo>i mean, there was the whole thing in guile that evaluating 'foo gave you no source location info
<wingo>ahahahah i just found out you can add and remove characters from the predefined charsets
<lilyp>that sounds like evil 1 = 2 stuff
<rlb>wingo: is there any "preferred" way to have compile #! scripts right now? Or maybe you should just put all the real work in a module?
<rlb>"have compiled"
<rlb>fwiw, it appears that the current code won't find a .go alongside a script (discovered while trying to compile a bunch of lokke test programs, i.e. test/clojure-basics, etc.).
<rlb>I'm fine just rearranging things for now, but wanted to see if there was some recommended approach.
<wingo>rlb: i don't know :( autocompilation is the only thing (sorta); you can "guild compile foo" which will default to putting the output in the autocompilation dir iirc
<wingo>but that's terrible
*wingo just updated to unicode 14
<rlb>And OK, thanks. Haven't checked yet, but I suppose if -s (or something else) will look for a .go file in the same dir the way module lookup does, then I could use that in the #! instead of a module. But either way, sounds like I'll want shim files or some kind of "driver" command/script.
<rlb>I guess a driver would avoid so much copy-pastery, i.e. ./run-test test/foo or whatever, but I do like being able to just run test/foo.
<stis>tjavba guilers
<civodul>wingo: re annotating immediates yes, i realize that a welcome improvement over what we had before
<civodul>it's expensive though
<civodul>(and it doesn't respect supports-source-properties? and the 'positions' read option)
<civodul>one thing i've looked at today is whether we could avoid the sourcev->alist conversions when going from syntax objects to tree-il
<civodul>wingo: lemme know what you think of !
<badcodec>hi, so does the geiser emacs plugin also format the guile scheme code?
<badcodec>when I run +format/buffer in doom emacs, it doesn't seem to fix the formatting
<badcodec>do I need to install something