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<stis>The factorial gmp function are 10x faster than wingos example!!
<lilyp>obviously, because gmp is optimized for such things
<avp>Hello Guilers!
<avp>Guile-DSV 0.5.1 is out:
<civodul>hey avp! neat!
<civodul>avp: BTW, did you have a chance to look at ?
<civodul>wingo: read-syntax is annotating everything, including immediates AFAICS
<civodul>how about changing the #:source argument to (and (pair? datum) (vector filename ...)) ?
<civodul>i see a 20% reduction of the final heap size when reading a big file (37MiB)
<cwebber>hi hi
<cwebber>let's see if I can get guile-goblins released in the next few hours and submitted as a guix package
<cwebber>in time for my talk tomorrow...