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<drakonis>when is guile emacs getting revived?
<drakonis>hm, fibers or 8sync?
<drakonis>cwebber: i figure you'll might be able to best answer this, fibers or 8sync and will 8sync's fibers port ever be completed?
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<cwebber>hi drakonis
<cwebber>fibers, or goblins, which runs on top of fibers too, and will have an 8sync compatibility layer soon... there will be a whole presentation showing it off at fosdem this year, and a release during this next week :) :)
<drakonis>i see.
<drakonis>i'll definitely it for shepherd and guix then
<drakonis>guess its time to play with goblins then!
<cwebber>drakonis: I need to finish the hall bindings
<cwebber>you'll laso need
<cwebber>and then I need to make a guix package
<cwebber>goals for the next couple of days :O
<cwebber>but for right now I'm very tired
<cwebber>gonna go to bed in a few
<cwebber>g'nite drakonis, hope you're well :)
<drakonis>alright, thank you!
<drakonis>time to be the change i want to see in the world :v
<drakonis>i should figure out how to fix the load path while on guix
<drakonis>if i use guix on a foreign distro, it works fine
<drakonis>also relevant: looks like fibers has seen changes not covered in 1.0.0
<cwebber>drakonis: I just had an email exchange about that today ;)
<cwebber>a new release is on its way out!
<drakonis>that said, the readme no longer refers to the concurrency as erlang style, but as golang style
<cwebber>which is good because it includes an important memory leak bug I helped with which will be key to guile :)
<drakonis>which well... i don't know.
<drakonis>that's wonderful.
<drakonis>what a time to be alive!
<cwebber>well, it's kind of true, it's more along the lines of CSP than actors, but *goblins* layers actors on top of CSP, so actors come back :)
<drakonis>with that said, i have plans for goblins.
<drakonis>but don't let me stop you from going to bed.
<drakonis>thank you very much for your work
<cwebber>drakonis: the racket docs mostly apply
<drakonis>i was actually going to ask that
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<unmatched-paren>how can i configure repl options in .guile? repl-default-option-set! doesn't work (unbound variable...)
<tohoyn>unmatched-paren: try to add (use-modules (system repl common)) into before repl-default-option-set!
<tohoyn>^into .guile
<ArneBab>cwebber: awesomew
<ArneBab>cwebber: awesome!
<stis>Hello guilers!
<stis>Hi prologuers!
<stis>Did fix the python on guile implementation so that it compiles again inhead.
<stis>bitrotted a little
<stis>also works with latest guile
<tohoyn>daviid: have you looked at the bug with <g-settings-action>?
<daviid>tohoyn: no, i fixed the <g-simple-action> [g-variant related] bug, and to do that, while rewriting your example, i dropped that part ...
<tohoyn>daviid: just a thought: could the g-golf API take types as GOOPS classes instead of symbols? For example in (make <closure> ...) the #:return-type and #:param-types arguments.
<rlb>civodul: added the lokke ./configure check for the broken 3.0.7 versions, fwiw.
<civodul>rlb: neat
<civodul>i suspect psyntax adds too much cruft to the source property table
<civodul>it adds syntax properties to lists of syntax objects, each of which already has location info
<civodul>rlb: i get this build failure:
<civodul>does that ring a bell?
<rlb>civodul: not yet, but might be a path issue if you're building differently for guix. Alternately, I think I've seen stale bits in ~/.cache/guile/ccache cause trouble. Might try make clean, and clobbering that too.
<rlb>Hmm, should perhaps also add a "make distcheck" to ci...
<rlb>(trying another distcheck here)
<rlb>Are you doing anything interesting (wrt configure args, etc.)?
<civodul>rlb: nothing particular, and it's in a clean environment without ~/.cache
<rlb>And is this against a mostly "plain" 3.0.7, building from a lokke "make dist" archive?
<rlb>The ci builds are working, but I should probably change them to run from a dist archive. I'll try a manual unpack/build in case distcheck is cheating somehow...
<civodul>this is Guile 3.0.7 + d79a226359d28f4a1dc5df136e5544d699903a96
<civodul>building straight from Git
<rlb>ok, I suppose both in ci (ubuntu) and locally, I'm using debian's version of guile, which does have some other patches (though don't offhand recall if they're notable).
<rlb>I guess if you haven't might also try a clean tree, i.e. `git clean -fdx` or a new clone or...
*rlb does that now
<rlb>(particularly if that tree's been used across the move to drop git as a build requirement)
<civodul>it's a clean tree :-)
<rlb>ok, "make -j5 check" on current main worked here from a clean (git) tree.
*rlb looks at the other debian patches...
<rlb>clojure.core is a little tricky -- offhand, I wonder if the path lookup is failing for "reasons", though no idea why that'd be different for you.
<rlb>Here are the patches I'm using fwiw:
<rlb>I can try building a local 3.0.7 + syntax-fix in a while and see if that makes any difference.
<civodul>oh wait, could it be that compiled-file-name return #f because HOME is unset?
*civodul tries
<rlb>hmm, wonder if it's a path problem.
<rlb>i.e. that code assumes some things that might not be ok -- will need to delve...
<rlb>And yeah, won't be at all susprised if the current version somehow depends on things like HOME...
<civodul>yes, that was it!
<rlb>Some of the stuff in ns.scm will almost certainly need improvement. Various bits I'm already not sure about.
<civodul>so i seem to have a Guix package \o/
<rlb>nice, and thanks for helping discover the problems :)
<rlb>I think this is where it was failing, fwiw:
<rlb>I'll put "mess with HOME" on the list...
<daviid>sneek: later tell tohoyn I don't want todo that, for various reasons, but of course feel free to do it in theme-d[-golf] if that suites your needs 'better'
<sneek>Will do.