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<stis>Tjaba guilers!
***daviid` is now known as daviid
<wingo>i just added something to turn on lto if it's available, when compiling libguile
<wingo>bugs welcome
<dsmith>wingo: I think the code is right, but the commit message say -ftlo (instead of -flto). Heh
<dsmith>Strange that I only ever notice typos and such in commit messages *after* I push.
<lilyp>We do need thread-local optimizations as well, though 😛️
<ArneBab>dsmith: :-) — I tend to only notice them in URLs of articles when changing them would break the link …
<ArneBab>lilyp: what do you mean with thread-local optimizations?
<lilyp>just fun with acronyms: LTO = link time optimizations, so TLO = thread-local optimizations 🙂️
<wingo>doh :)