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<mwette>sneek: later tell unmatcheh-paren, I was able to run a demo a few years ago with nyacc's ffi helper. Have not tried recently. See
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<stis>Hey guilers!
<jpoiret>i see that format-exception from (ice-9 exceptions) is not exported. Does anyone think it would be a good idea to export it?
<dsmith-work>Monday Greetings, Guilers
<spk121_>jpoiret: I vaguely recall noticing that before and thinking it should have been exported
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<fnstudio_>hey, i was chatting with a clisp friend today who was showing me some interactive features of his dev setup; e.g. they created a proc and had it running in a loop and then modified the proc (almost) on the fly, with the result being reflected in the repl (modulo telling the repl to resume as it does stop when it detects the change)
<fnstudio_>i was trying to replicate that in my env just now, with emacs+geiser but it doesn't seem to work quite in the same way
<fnstudio_>is that expected or is it just my lack of familiarity with geiser?
<drakonis>ah, i don't think that's part of the editing experience
<drakonis>its a unfortunate thing.
<fnstudio_>in other words, my question is whether `foo' can be modified on the fly with the change to be reflected in `(while #t (foo))'
<fnstudio_>drakonis: ah i see
<fnstudio_>i'd be curious to know whether that's because of some structural difference or just something that might get implemented (at some point of the "toolchain") at some point
<fnstudio_>let me see
<drakonis>i'm just not sure if it can give you the sbcl + slime/sly experience
<fnstudio_>(lol i like when they say "As seen on television." here
<fnstudio_>drakonis: i see, thanks for link anyway, i've been meaning to go through the repl debugging section for a while now, so this is a good time i guess