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<dhruvin>lilyp: I got it working with record-type-fields and record-accessor procedures. Thanks :)
<lilyp>no problem
<sneek>Yey! tohoyn is back :)
<tohoyn>sneek: botsnak
<tohoyn>sneek: botsnack
<jpoiret>is there any way to check if we're inside a specific prompt?
<jpoiret>I can see it working with an exception handler and an abort-to-prompt, but that looks a bit ugly heh
<tohoyn>jpoiret: is it possible to find it out from a backtrace?
<jpoiret>well, there should be a call-with-prompt in the backtrace
<lilyp>jpoiret: I don't think there is other than exiting it
<lilyp>which is not a safe bet anyway
<lilyp>however, you could set up a fluid to capture whether you are inside your specific prompt and bind that
<jpoiret>that's true, I didn't think of that