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<lloda>fnstudio_: You can use array-copy from (ice-9 arrays) to copy a bitvector. The result will be a bitvector
<lloda>this is really a defect in Guile's api, there should be a bitvector-copy, bitvector-copy!, and so on
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<fnstudio_>lloda: oh thanks, brilliant
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<tohoyn>I did "apt-get source guile-3.0" on debian unstable. the last entry of the changelog is 3.0.7-1 even though the version of the guile in the system is 3.0.7-1+b1. how is this possible?
<tohoyn>where does the +b1 come from?
<ArneBab>anyone else listening randomly into rc3 streams?
<tohoyn>does anybody know if/when the guile binary nmu 3.0.7-1+b1 is going to be done for architectures hppa, m68k, and sh4?
<spk121>tohyn: I don't know. Is this a Debian-related question? Or are you asking if compiling from source would work on hppa, etc
<tohoyn>spk121: because building theme-d fails on exactly those architectures for which the binNMU has not been done.
<tohoyn>spk121: except ppc64
<spk121>sh4, hehe. I do have a Sega Dreamcast in the garage someplace
<jpoiret>looks like when using system* (ie when forking), the child's error fd isn't set to the current-error-port's fd
<jpoiret>i'm redirecting both output and error to the same port with a (with-output-to-port port (lambda () (with-error-to-port port (lambda () ....))))
<jpoiret>here's an example:
<jpoiret>i should note that executing "echo bang >&2" in that case doesn't end up writing to /tmp/test.log
<jpoiret>to me (not having touched C and POSIX) in a while, it seems that start_child in libguile/posix.c closes the in file descriptor, even if it could be the same as the err one
<jpoiret>err, `out` and `err` rather
<jpoiret>how would I go around testing local changes to guile without `make install`?
<jpoiret>i've already run `./ && ./configure && make`
<jpoiret>apologies, I had looked everywhere except README :p
<jpoiret>alright, looks like I fixed that bug :) I will send a patch to guile-devel. It is pretty trivial (less than 10 lines), so no need to assign my copyright to the FSF right?
<jpoiret>although I should end up doing that at some point
<daviid>jpoiret: you should send a bug report and the patch to bug-guile instead
<lilyp>jpoiret: for the record, there ought to be a 'meta' directory with all that fluff
<jpoiret>right, thanks!
<jpoiret>looks like this bug has more nefarious consequences
<jpoiret>does bug-guile use debbugs (with addresses), or should i directly reply on "bug-guile" itself
<jpoiret>found out myself, here is the relevant bug