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<Elouin>Is the website down? cant reach it since this morning.
<Elouin>cant reach any site as it seems. o.O
<ft> agrees.
<avp>Guile-SSH 0.14.0 is out:
<ArneBab>Elouin: gnu is back up
<lilyp>Is it really?
<ArneBab>lilyp: it was for we, yes
<ArneBab>sneek later tell manumanumanu: to merke readers, just byte-compile your modules. Then you can import them from any language.
<ArneBab>I just released wisp 1.0.7 that fixes a dumb bug in 1.0.6 which broke the wisp repl (using ;; as comment in a shell-script …):
<pinoaffe>Hi guileful folks! I've been using the array functions in guile a bit as of late, and I noticed a lack of procedures implementing stuff like array convolution, tensor contraction, etc - would a patch adding these be welcome?