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***Server sets mode: +ntz
<chrislck>taw10: you will enjoy ice-9 match :)
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***theruran_ is now known as theruran
<taw10>chrislck: For which part? I'm aware of match in general, but I didn't think to use it for this case
<chrislck>taw10: it's in general. use match well, and you never have to do car/cdr/cadr again.
<chrislck>arguably it makes code more readable...
<lloda>hi does anyone have an up to date clone of guile-zlib? notabug is down...
<lloda>ty jpoiret
<lloda>hmm, how do i get a clone link from that? i feel dumb
<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
<dsmith-work>lloda: Looks like you can't clone it directly:
<dsmith-work>"The Vault is a service in charge of reconstructing parts of the archive as self-contained bundles, that can then be imported locally, for instance in a Git repository. This is basically where you can do a git clone of a repository stored in Software Heritage."
<lloda>i c
<daviid>lloda: i can access notabug
<daviid> is working for me?