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<dsmith-work>Hey Hi Howdy, Guilers
<dsmith-work>There were some recent updates to the docs, so I thought I'd build a pdf.
<dsmith-work>I get this rather uninformative error:
<dsmith-work> TEXI2PDF guile.pdf
<dsmith-work>/usr/bin/texi2dvi: pdfetex exited with bad status, quitting.
<dsmith-work>Anyone have any details?
<dsmith-work>Must be something with the TeX on my bullseye box
<lilyp>what is pdfetex?
<dsmith-work>Not sure. texi2pdf guile.texi returned an error, but seems to have created a proper .pdf
<dsmith-work>(the same message)
<dsmith-work>The /usr/bin/etex is from the texlive-binaries package
<lilyp>dsmith try make V=1 to see the full command line
<lilyp>then experiment with the optiond
<dsmith-work>etex is a symlink to pdftex
<dsmith-work>texi2pdf is just a shell script.
<dsmith-work>lilyp: What options?
<lilyp>TEXI2PDF is just a shorthand, that obscures the full invocation
<lilyp>to see that, use make V=1
<dsmith-work>Right. It's just calling texi2dvi. Like:
<dsmith-work>texi2dvi --pdf --batch --build-dir=guile.t2p -o guile.pdf guile.texi
<dsmith-work>(texi2dvi is also a shell script)
<dsmith-work>IIRC, those texi2X scripts repeatedly run tex until the various tables and indexes stabilize.
<dsmith-work>And all the tables in the back seem to have reasonable page numbers.
<dsmith-work>(970 pages total, btw!)
<dsmith-work>The error message comes from the shell script, not tex
<lilyp>I think the stabilization is a heuristic to check whether references where rightly resolved.