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<t20kdc>Hello! I'm not sure where to report this, because it's not really a software bug as far as I'm aware, but in the reference manual,(3.0.7r1), at 5.7.4 "A Choice of Programming Options", the second paragraph "The C level work required in this model..." ends with "REFFIXME".
<t20kdc>This is specifically the PDF version as downloaded from:
<neirac>how do I install packages in guile?
<neirac>this for example?
<daviid>neirac: unless you use guix,
<neirac>daviid thanks!, I'll try to install guix, seems is kind of needed working with guile
<fnstudio>sorry, sometimes i have parameters in my file that i'd prefer not to hardcode, e.g. say "threshold" is one such parameter
<fnstudio>i'd like that to be defined in my main (let ...) from where i launch a cascade of functions
<fnstudio>but then, if i don't set it with define as a global, i need to pass it down from my main function and all the way down until it's used, e.g. by some internal function
<fnstudio>so my question is, i don't particularly like the idea of having globals, but then is there a clean alternative for passing some parameters down to internal functions which is not to explicitly pass them as args?
<lloda>yes, it's called 'parameters'
<fnstudio>oh fantastic, thanks lloda! reading that now
<avalenn>Documentation says "if the current module had already defined [a symbol], that definition would be overwritten by the definition in [imported module]"
<avalenn>I have the impression it is wrong and that local definition always takes precedence.
<avalenn>Am I right ?
<jpoiret>avalenn: you're right
<avalenn>Should I report a documentation bug?
<jpoiret>i guess so, although there's nothing like what you said in the link you provided
<jpoiret>in the following node though, there is a mention of something along those lines for open-pipe
<avalenn>bad copy past, it was the node with "open-pipe"
<sneek>wb dsmith-work!!
<dsmith-work>Hey Hi Howdy, Guilers