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<alextee[m]>I switched to gtk4 for zrythm and now I get a weird SIGSEGV in gdb when running a guile script. the program continues to run afterwards
<alextee[m]>this is what valgrind says:
<alextee[m]>is this normal?
<alextee[m]>the script runs fine btw and returns correct output
<crodges>Hello everyone! I'm looking for a place to start with guile. I like books, but tutorials are probably fine too. A little background: I became a Emacs user in 2017, had a few dips into elisp (you know where this is going!), read the little schemer, dabbled with clojure, now I am messing around guix for a little more than two months and that would be my main motivation to learn guile.
<rgherdt>crodges: Hi! Did you take a look at guile's learning material suggestions?
<drakonis>for learning scheme, you're not strictly limited to guile documentation
<rgherdt>I would also add It's based on R6RS, which guile also supports
<crodges>rgherdt: I actually did look at guile resources! My initial plan is to read the first five chapters of the manual (everything before API reference and Modules)
<crodges>rgherdt: Thanks for tspl4 recommendation! I'll take a look
<mwette>love tspl4
<KE0VVT>Are there any apps written in Guile?
<KE0VVT>I don't know how to run the examples in guile-gi.
<KE0VVT>ArneBab: There is no package for Wisp in Guix. :-(
<lilyp>KE0VVT: guile-wisp
<KE0VVT>lilyp: thanks
<KE0VVT>Hm, I guess I need to install guile-gi from Guix to run editor.scm.
<lilyp>IIRC you can run guile-gi from the pre-inst-env or something like that, but there's a workaround configure flag to patch typelibs
<lilyp>the gobject-introspection in guix environment/shell otherwise pulls in the wrong libs