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<jpoiret>the guix installer written in newt? it's GUI technically
<KE0VVT>jpoiret: ncurses not gui
<daviid``>KE0VVT: there are others, but here is one, that i wrote a while ago using guile-gnome, which i need to and will port to (use) g-golf ...
<KE0VVT>daviid``: i heard guile-gi is best
<daviid``>a recent app called nomad is being developed using g-golf as well, i think there is a guix pkg
<daviid``>right, you may choose, i was gona mention guile-gi ...
<dadinn>hi all
<dadinn>is there a way to use non-capturing groups in regex patterns in Guile? I am trying to use string-match but it complains about it
<dadinn>complains I mean it throws an error: Invalid preceding regular expression
<dadinn>the expression in question was this "foo(?:-([0-9a-z]+))?"
<dsmith>dadinn: I don't think you can separate grouping and capture. Also note that Guile regexps are actuall the system C lib regexps.
<dsmith>(So for example, can't have NULs)
<dsmith>dadinn: They are *not* "pcre".
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<dsmith-work>Monday Greetings, Guilers
<stis>Hej guilers!