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<dsmith>unknown_lamer: Adding "bobotpp_LDADD = @LDFLAGS@" to source/ seems to have fixed my linking problem.
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<chrislck>I'm not sure if I'm right, but I feel guile-3.0.x series is getting slower at compiling into .go files
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<lilyp>The compiler does more optimizations now, which might be an indicator as to why
<lilyp>But it'd nonetheless be interesting to compare specific passes between versions as well as pass combinations in one version
<jpoiret>chrislck: not sure if it's in guile 3.0.7 or not but there's in the works
<dsmith>jpoiret: The baseline compiler was in 3.0.3, accoding to the NEWS file.
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<KE0VVT>How do I get Haunt to use my existing URI scheme?
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<mwette>wingo: regarding compiler speedups, have you seen Kuper's work on LVars w/ application to parallelizing graph algorithms?
<mfiano>Arch repackaged the gc library today and guile 3.0.7 now builds!
<stis>Just finished Frank Herberts Dune novel, wow!