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<spk121>interesting abi stability plot:
<lloda>feels weird that 3.0 only came out on 2020/01
<civodul>Guile-CommonMark calls regexp-exec on each line it reads
<civodul>and that turns out to be expensive for big sites like Guix's
<civodul>i wonder how we could improve on that
<civodul>have Haunt maintain a cache of parsed .md files? :-)
<spk121>So, when using 'catch' and 'throw' there is a 'display-error' func available.
<spk121>when using the newer 'exceptions', looks like the undocumented 'print-exception' is the closest analog
<spk121>I wonder if the intention was to keep using display-error with exceptions, or to use print-exception instead
<dsmith-work>Tuesday Greetings, Guilers