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<daviid>... ice-9/boot-9.scm:4672:35: warning: possibly unbound variable `syntax?' shall we ignore this warning?
<daviid>lloda: the problem is with 'my' exception-format setting here, which 'so far(so good)' used truncated-print - but when i use your rewrite-fmt proc, then i don't get these crashes on error report
<daviid>lloda: here is the version of your rewrite-fmt i have - - if you udated it, please let me know, i shall update guile-cv manual to use your exception-format 'patch' ...
<daviid>lloda: i am sorry if i 'scared you', my bad -
<avp>Hello Guilers. I want to know the type of a Guile SMOB. There's 'SCM_SMOB_PREDICATE' procedure that checks the type, but I want to see the type myself. What options do I have?
<lilyp>GOOPS' class-of?
<avp>lilyp: Thanks! I'll give it a try.
<avp>I managed to get the name of a smob with this piece of code: scm_from_locale_string (SCM_SMOBNAME (SCM_SMOBNUM(x)))
<lilyp>should probably from UTF-8 string