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<ArneBab>How can I activate readline in a cooperative repl server?
<ArneBab>I tried (import (ice-9 readline))(activate-readline) but since connecting over telnet that just does not work
<RhodiumToad>I don't think readline works if the input isn't from an actual tty device
<ArneBab>Is there an alternative?
<ArneBab>now there is: initial very hacky wisp support in geiser:
<ArneBab>you currently have to hit C-g at startup of geiser-wisp — I don’t know why but I can continue with what I’m doing right now.
<rlb>civodul: regarding gmp mpn - seems like if we went that route, we'd also be able to consider things like reworking say (+ x y z ...) somehow so it wouldn't need to allocate N temporaries after a value pushes the result into bignum territory, i.e. just loop, re-using the same result limbs, which would only need to expand when necessary.
<rlb>Just pondering - not planning to pursue anything :)
<civodul>rlb: i guess you're right
<civodul>don't hesitate to pursue something though :-)
<rlb>Hah, well, I imagined we could move the arglist handling to C (i.e. drop define-primitive-expander for +), but not sure we'd want to head that direction if it limited future scheme or tree-il-side optimizations.
<lilyp>how about +! which may modify arguments? :P
<civodul>heh :-)
<stis>Hi guilers!
<muradm>hi guile
<muradm>there is (rmdir ..
<muradm>but it does not delete non empty directory
<muradm>i have to traverse recursively my self and check if file delete-file if dir rmdir manually?
<lilyp>muradm: if you're doing guix work or otherwise gpl3+ things, see delete-file-recursively in Guix
<muradm>lilyp: great thanks :)
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