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<attila_lendvai>i'm looking for the equivalent of common lisp's in-package, aka two files, but same module. something like in-module...
<attila_lendvai>i want to define a new function into the same module, but from a different file (context: guix packages)
<flatwhatson>why can't it live in a separate module?
<flatwhatson>you can modify modules procedurally using module-define!, but only for emergencies
<attila_lendvai>flatwhatson, because i want to access all symbols, not just the public ones. alternatively, a use-module would also help me that imports every symbol, not just the public ones
<tohoyn>IMHO modules should correspond files
<flatwhatson>attila_lendvai: well you can use those module reflection routines to get at non-exported stuff too:
<attila_lendvai>this is a quick hack situation. temporary stuff that may (or may not) turn into a patch upstream
<flatwhatson>there are more secret module routines like module-obarray which gives you the module as a hash-table, or module-replace! to easily update definitions
<flatwhatson>jump in the repl and module-<TAB> to see them
<flatwhatson>guile is really well equipped in the monkey-patching department!
<civodul>yes, but beware: inlining in 3.0 often prevents monkey-patching because top-level-but-not-exported procedures easily get inlined
<tohoyn>lintian complains library-not-linked-against-libc for libgw-guile-gnome-cairo even though I added -lc to LIBADD. I also checked that -lc is passed to the link command.
<tohoyn>other libraries in guile-gnome2 generate no such errors
<dsmith-work>Happy Friday, Guilers!!
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<stis>Hello guilers!