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<rlb>guile 3.0.7 uploaded to debian bookworm - should be available in a while, assuming it makes it through the plumbing (e.g.
<rlb>I also included the syntax #nil-related syntax expansion fix.
<dsmith>rlb: Hey! Just installed bullseye the other day. Getting that one memory failure. It's a libgc thing, right?
<dsmith>rlb: (installing 3.0.7 from tarball, or from git main)
<ArneBab>rlb: very cool — thank you!
<ArneBab>There are now at 10 points in the "10x better at something"-article to Guile: — what’s your 10x-better reason? (I can still merge points to stay at 10 points :-) )
<ArneBab>(and the points now have stable anchors)
<rlb>dsmith: hmm, the gc issue should be gone in both bullseye and buster, i.e. I patched the former and the latter should default to not using libgc for gmp allocation, I thought?
<rlb>ArneBab: language tower and effective syntax extensions (define-syntax, etc.) - without that, lokke might well not exist (such as it is), at least not by now.
<drakonis>ArneBab: is the source for the python to guile book still up somewhere?
<drakonis>bitbucket, pardon me, kicked the bucket a while back
<drakonis>and what i could find, was outdated
<ArneBab>drakonis: I hope it’s up, yes — if not I’ll fix that :-)
<ArneBab>drakonis: it is here now:
<ArneBab>rlb: that’s a great point — I’m including it in hackability. Thank you!
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<dsmith>rlb: It's test-out-of-memory that fails.
<dsmith>rlb: Seems same as and
<dsmith>rlb: Did you patch the Debian package or the guile repo?
<flatwhatson>it's actually a bug in bdwgc:
<flatwhatson>in guix it's fixed by building guile against a libgc built with --disable-munmap
<flatwhatson>basically there's a bug in the munmap handling, and in libgc7 it was disabled by default, but in libgc8 it got enabled by default and we start seeing failures
<dsmith>flatwhatson: Ahh! Thanks. I did STR something about munmap a while back.
<dsmith>So definitly a bug in libgc 8
<dsmith>flatwhatson: Thanks again:
<rlb>dsmith: ahh - right, might be patch 5:
<rlb>buildd results for 3.0.7: All the release architectures were fine, and I'm not sure if we expect any of the others that failed to work right now.
<hendursaga>What's the location of the Guile configuration file, that follows the XDG spec? $HOME/.config/guile/...?
<ft>No such thing. It's a file called ~/.guile
<noa>hendursaga: alternatively try -l
<hendursaga>It feels weird Guile doesn't follow XDG.. oh well.
<noa>im sad about it, but it doesnt surprise me
<noa>i have so many wrapper scripts in ~/bin that its just another
<leoprikler>tbf patching guile to read from $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/guile/init.scm would probably be simple if it was just Linux, but have ya thought about Windows? :P
<dsmith>hendursaga: Well guile probably had .guile about 20 years so before there was an XDG...
<dsmith>s/years so/years or so.
<daviid>sneek: later tell hendursaga guile also reads, if it exists, $prefix/share/guile/site/init.scm
<sneek>Will do.