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<daviid>vijaymarupudi: I just pushed a fix to g-golf devel branch, thanks again for the report and the code to reproduce it
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<rlb>civodul: lokke was using pfds, but switched to wingo's fash, and in both cases the "set" is just a hash table with entries that have a trivial value (#t iirc?).
<rlb>civodul: but if you decide to go that route, you might want to grab lokke's version (or I think someone else here has an adjusted version) because there are some bugs in the one on wingo's page:
<rlb>I've thought we should probably host fash and fector somewhere more "properly", so we can combine fixes, but haven't pursued it yet myself.
<rlb>Also, iirc fash might not have delete yet? For now I do something *really* ugly there, but was hoping to understand fash well enough to add that if no one else beats me to it.
<rlb>I also think I've kept the fix commits independent in the history, so "git log -p --follow mod/lokke/fash.scm" should show the changes.
<civodul>hi rlb, thanks for the tip!
<civodul>if it lacks delete, it's kinda like vhashes then
<civodul>in some places i use vhashes for sets, but deleting is O(N)
<rlb>well, except that vlists aren't thread safe?
<rlb>(was important for me anyway)
<rlb>(i.e. needed fully persistent map and set for clj)
<civodul>ah true, vlists aren't thread-safe
*rlb thinks/hopes fash is :)
<rlb>I can't recall who else it was "here" who was using fash and had fixed some things, but if you start using it too, then might not be a terrible idea to think about trying to host a shared version somewhere. Guess I could just put mine up on salsa or sourcehut or something, if I get a chance.
<civodul>we should consider adding it in Guile proper