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<chrislck>leoprikler: I guess using deifne-foreign-object-type *does* require using (oop goops) ?
*chrislck does not grok goops
<leoprikler>not really?
<leoprikler>lemme check again
<leoprikler>yeah, you only need is-a? for type checking if that's what you want, but the record accessors also typecheck for you
<leoprikler>match et al. should also work if you prefer those
<chrislck>thanks. there are very few examples out in the wild unfortunately
<leoprikler>yeah, I haven't really been able to use guile-fontconfig beyond those toy examples either
<leoprikler>font handling is just weird imo
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<sarna>hey, what library would I use for making git-style command line programs with subcommands?
<lampilelo>sarna: you could use args-fold from srfi-37
<sarna>lampilelo: looks great, thanks!
<maximed_>sneek: later tell sarna: guix has ‘git-style’ subcommands, so you could look there as well
<dsmith-work>Wednesday Greetings, Guilers
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