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<rlb>wingo: bisect points to 0cc799185576712d69f11fc794454f2f5447bef7 as the commit where that #nil macro issue appeared.
<wingo>rlb: to my mind, all of the null? calls in psyntax.scm:2880-3019 (the pattern matcher used by syntax-case) should instead be eq-null?, defined as (define (eq-null? x) (eq? x '())
<wingo>#nil should probably never match () from the POV of syntax-case
<wingo>dunno, i guess i can see the argument for building scheme expressions from elisp, but really i think it's not too much to ask to use the "right" EOL in that case, dunno
<wingo>if we wanted to relax that stance, we could use eq-null? only when dispatching on patterns, but null? on incoming syntax
<taylan>wingo: rlb: I seem to have missed part of the conversation here so dunno if these came up:
<taylan>wingo: also, I sent quite a few patches to the bug tracker a couple weeks ago, hope they don't get forgotten :)
*taylan gtg
<rlb>wingo: hmm, I'll need to understand what you've said more carefully later, but here's where I was using that check: which is used in methods like this:
<dsmith-work>Tuesday Greetings, Guilers
<thmprover>Random question: what's the convention for guile docstrings? I couldn't find it in the reference manual...
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<leoprikler>thmprover: You can choose between Emacs-style "Frob VAR." and texinfo-style "Frob @var{var}."
<leoprikler>both are accepted and which you prefer somewhat depends on your tooling
<tohoyn>sneek: botsnack
<thmprover>leoprikler: for texinfo-style, can I use *any* texinfo commands? Or is it a restricted subset of texinfo? Specifically, is there a way to encode math?
<leoprikler>Again depends on your tooling, but AFAIK the texinfo module from Guile should not interfere with your math code
<leoprikler>Try object-stexi-documentation to get a closer feel
<thmprover>Awesome, thanks!
<mwette>thmprover: is (non-robust) minor mode that will take comments in texi format preceeding a function and turn them into a doc string pasted as the first expression in a function body
<mwette>look at the bottom of this file:
<thmprover>mwette: interesting, thanks!