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<daviid>rlb: did that because i don't trust // installation, i mean back then i had problems becauseof that, then opted for the above schema, and then never 'changed', that schema never fails ...
<rlb>daviid: that was it -- apparently if you have guile and guile-3.0 installed, it won't find the former, even if it's "first" in the relevant vars, and is also guile 3.0. Or perhaps GUILE_PKG just doesn't work for unsuffixed installs. If so, we should definitely mention that in the manual, and even perhaps changing to suffix installs by default....
<rlb>s/changing/consider changing/
<rlb>i.e. set --program-suffix to -X.Y by default.
<rlb>wingo: OK, so now that that's working, lokke fails to build with 3.0.7 (was fine with 3.0.5). It fails with:
<rlb> Syntax error:
<rlb> unknown location: unexpected syntax in form ()
<rlb>Ring any bells?
<daviid>rlb: is there anything you couls 'easily' spot in the NEWS file maybe?
<rlb>I wonder if I might have an unquoted () somewhere, which is normal clj, but of course isn't in scheme, and maybe I was getting away with it until the new reader or other compilation changes...
*rlb will delve later
<rlb>daviid: right, and worst case, I suppose I can also try bisecting.
<rlb>Loading this file causes the crash: Do I have something wrong there?
<dsmith>rlb: The #nil is confusing reasoning about '(), is my guess
*rlb checks 3.0.6 and then might see about bisecting the relevant region...
<rlb>(Though perhaps wingo will just know what it is.)
<rlb>3.0.6 does it too
<rlb>...automated git bisect doesn't work all that well because it keeps halting on changes to config.rpath, etc.
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<wingo>rlb: humm, i think that is probably an issue with #nil vs '() treatment inside syntax-case... there would appear to be a few of those
<rlb>I think it may have broken between 3.0.5 and 3.0.6, fwiw, but bisect didn't find the right failure. I'll try again with a hopefully smarter bisect run script later.
<wingo>it could be that the expander thinks that #nil when wrapped in syntax is the same as ()
<wingo>and before, a raw #nil was never wrapped in syntax
<wingo>manumanumanu: where does foof maintain upstream match ?
<wingo>ah in chibi i think
<wingo> fwiw
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