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<ArneBab>avp: nice!
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<flatwhatson>daviid, raghavgururajan: i've got guix gtk4 built, but g-golf example aborts with "GLib-GObject:ERROR:../glib-2.68.0/gobject/gbinding.c:898:g_binding_class_init: assertion failed: (gobject_notify_signal_id != 0)"
<daviid>flatwhatson: oh nice, the gtk-4 build - never seen that error, but let's investigate
<daviid>flatwhatson: so, it very much feels like not a g-golf bug (everything works fine here), but i'd be happy to (try to) help - 1st, does gtk-4 has a test-suite, does itpass?
<daviid>flatwhatson: i bet you see the same error with both example?
<flatwhatson>daviid: yes same with both
<daviid>flatwhatson: right, something went wrong either with the build, or the executionenv ...
<flatwhatson>i agree this is most likely not g-golf's fault, it might be a problem with gtk4 package or my precarious setup to get this far :)
<daviid>flatwhatson: justr asked on #introspection for somehint,including ifthere is a 'better' channel (then #introspection) for quiz related to building gtk
<flatwhatson>raghavgururajan mentioned he needed help getting gtk4 tests working, so that is probably the best way forward
<flatwhatson>yeah, tests are currently disabled for this gtk4 build
<daviid>flatwhatson: ok, i thing the very first thing to do is making surethe gtk-4test suite pass
<daviid>flatwhatson: i'll let you know if/when #introspection answer ... meanwhile, see if you can join one of the gnome chamnels and ask for help -
<daviid>#gtk i guess #gtk (Matrix or irc) - GTK+ toolkit and GLib channel
<flatwhatson>sure, thanks :)
<daviid>flatwhatson: tx you, i think it is extremely important to get gtk-4 in guix...
<flatwhatson>daviid: yep absolutely! i need to put it down for a bit but will keep chipping away
<daviid>tx you, raghavgururajan and who's involved of course ...
<raghavgururajan>flatwhatson and daviid: Thanks for working on this. :)
*raghavgururajan joins #gtk on GIMPnet
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<taylan>sneek: hello
<leoprikler>raghavgururajan: Your GTK 4 stuff probably gets mixed with the older GLib/GTK stuff from the environment. Sometimes purifying helps, but not always.
<stis>Tja guilers!
<manumanumanu>stis: what's up?
<stis>answering the question of how I would like to interact with data tables to replace excell
<stis>manumanumanu: ^ ^
<manumanumanu>For you own sake, or for the public good?
<manumanumanu>because the later case, I hate to tell you: excel is going nowhere :P
<stis>probably just mine ;-) as I'm an outlier, but I do hate excell
<stis>cell based formulas is soo overrated
<stis>just lead to spaghetti hell
<stis>and I basically never hit use cases where cell based formally shines (on the spot editing of large datashetts with instant updates)
<leoprikler>org-mode tables are nice
<leoprikler>if you really need spreadsheets tho, just use libreoffice instead :P
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<apteryx>is there something available in guile to compute md5 checksums?
<apteryx>looking at there's 'hashing', but the link it points to is dead
<apteryx>looks like it may have been absorbed into
<daviid>sneek: guile-software
<sneek>guile-software is at
<daviid>apteryx: ^^
<lampilelo>apteryx: maybe guile-gcrypt? gcrypt has md5 so i would guess the guile wrapper would expose it too
<lampilelo>i use a custom wrapper for hashing functions from nettle for my project
<lampilelo>yeah, guile-gcrypt has md5
<apteryx>lampilelo: looks like yes! thanks
<apteryx>daviid: thanks for the link
*wingo finally writes a proper dump-cps routine