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<panicking>Hi All! Is there a way to specify a <class> to each slot of a class using goops? Regards.
<dsmith>There was some talk a while back about Geiser not working with Guile 3. Did anyone ever get to the bottom of that?
<dsmith>(seems to be working for me with a fresh geiser and geiser-guile install)
<flatwhatson>yep i think lampilelo got to the bottom of it, so the latest should work
<flatwhatson>it was specifically the syntax changes in 3.0.6, was working fine before that
<dsmith>Oh man. I forgot how nice geiser is.
<flatwhatson>yep i also use flycheck-guile and turn on geiser's company-mode support
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<emestee>is it a good style for a function to accept either a list _or_ a function that returns a list in the same argument?
<ArneBab>emestee: I think I would rather use define* from (ice-9 optargs) to pass a named argument: #:args '(…) or #:argument-provider fun
<RhodiumToad>or just accept the function returning the list; the caller can use (const '(...)) to pass a list
<ArneBab>RhodiumToad: I didn’t know const — thank you!
<stis>Hello guilers!
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<tohoyn>I filed bug #48847 about statprof not printing call counts
<ix>Hello.. say i have this sexp: (public-key
<ix> (ecc
<ix> (curve Ed25519)
<ix> (q #7514F8D729DB1935470A581CE3851ED9FD6F1F9BAFE1D8BEC77A931ADB7A4337#)))
<ix>Can i reproduce that in literal guile?
<ix>The hashes seem to mess things up
<dsmith>Yeah, The Guile reader won't know what to do that #...# thing.
<dsmith>s/do that/do with that/
<ix>dsmith: whats my best option?
<flatwhatson>sed 's/#/"/g'
<ix>Ooh, there's (@ (gcrypt pk-crypto) string->canonical-sexp) and canonical-sexp->string
<ix>And s/string/sexp
<ix>I'll use those
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<bud>hello guile people!
<bud>i was looking around for something that could do "mouse-chords"
<bud>and found that it is possible with xbindkeys if configured with guile.
<bud>this is the config i am trying now:
<bud>it works and the chords are defined on the last lines.
<bud>holding b:3 (right mouse button) and pressing b:1 displays the popup "helloC"
<bud>this is cool and all, except that now, right mouse button only acts as a modifier, and i cant use it normally.
<bud>so what i am asking, is there a simple way to set a default command, if b:3 is released by itself?
<bud> <- this is where i got the scm file
<dsmith>Wow, that's pretty cool. Didn't know about xbindkeys