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<dsmith>Offtopic quesiton: What could possibly cause a ping to not see replies yet I can see the replies in tcpdump?
<prite>dsmith: iptables/nftables rules?
<dsmith>Yeah, that's where I went first. But I think everything is set to allow. My iptables-fu is weak however.
*dsmith prefers openbsd pf
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<tohoyn>wingo, dsmith: I think that -Werror would be useful, too
<tohoyn>wingo, dsmith: it would be also useful to be able to declare warnings for errors for individual warnings separately
<tohoyn>^warnings as errors
<clacke>The problem with -Werror is that different versions of a compiler have different warnings, so builds with an upgraded compiler will suddenly start failing, right?
<clacke>maybe it would be reasonable to enable explicit errors in git, but add -Werror in CI?
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<dsmith-work>Thursday Greetings, Guilers
<dsmith-work>sneek: botsnack
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