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<sneek>No this is not sneek. Just registering the nick
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<nckx>You gave us hope only to snatch it away.
<taylan>FYI, since wingo isn't registered on libera yet, I gave channel founder and other rights to civodul for now, since he's also an official maintainer. I'm going to sleep now!
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<taylan>wingo: you have full founder rights to the channel now, feel free to revoke mine if you decide to take control over it
<lampilelo>how does guile handle threads and gc? is it safe to pass an SCM object to another thread by SCM_UNPACK_POINTER->body_data->SCM_PACK_POINTER, using scm_spawn_thread? is the object safe to use from both threads?
<leoprikler>Guile should check all *stacks* for GC, but it doesn't care what's on the heap.
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