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<tohoyn>sneek: botsnack
<meo>how would I implement a DSL like (with-foo foo (bar-fn 1 2)) where foo is passed to exp implicitly and bar-fn is not a top-level definition? parameterize foo and use syntax rules for bar-fn?
<leoprikler>what is bar-fn?
<meo>leoprikler: foo is an immutable srfi-9 record, it contains text terminal buffer, cursor position and similar settings, bar-fn are procedures that e.g. move cursor or apply changes to buffer
<meo>so I would like to do something like (in-terminal term ((move 10 10) (fill-rect 5 5))) etc
<leoprikler>i think you could implement the latter part inside a match(-lambda)
<meo>oooh let me google it
<leoprikler>e.g. (move x y) gets translated to (set-fields term ...)
<leoprikler>meo: search for "ice-9 match" inside the documentation
<meo>yes found it already, thanks
<meo>how would I pass the context object to these methods? isn't using an implicit argument to a procedure a violation of functional purity?
<meo>oh right pattern matching would be able to do that on syntactic level I guess
<meo>well more homework to do, excellent
<leoprikler>as for in-term, that would than be (call-with-term term (lambda (term) (for-each (match-lambda ...))))
<meo>oh yeah I saw that pattern
<leoprikler>(for-each (match-lambda ...) <quoted syntax>)
<leoprikler>oh, but since you're using immutable records, you should (fold (match-lambda ...) term <quoted syntax>)
<meo>then I can apply a top level syntax transformer to abstain from explicitly quoting the DSL calls
<meo>I'm a bit too excited
<leoprikler>actually... I think you can (fold (match-lambda ...) term quoted-syntax) directly
<leoprikler>no need to jump through an extra lambda
<meo>I'm going to try it all out in the evening
<meo>thanks tons for the advice
<meo>any suggestions to using arrays inside an immutable structure? I basically spawn a new deep copy on every modification and it feels.. uncomfortable
<leoprikler>if you can make do with lists, lists are typically wiser
<leoprikler>otherwise I'd suggest using some functional data structures like fector
<meo>list-ref isn't O(n) is it?
<leoprikler>list-ref is O(n)
<wingo>morning :)
<sneek>Welcome back wingo, you have 1 message!
<sneek>wingo, civodul says: hi! WDYT of this 'sleep_pipe' issue when forking and of the proposed patch? ?
<leoprikler>what are you using that array for?
<meo>leoprikler: abstract character and attribute buffer
<wingo>excellent debugging, civodul and flatwhatson :-)
<wingo>so i guess we should release 3.0.7 today, wdyt civodul
<meo>leoprikler: it's rank 2
<meo>I _suppose_ I could implement some data structure on top or just do something silly like a map hased by coordinates
<leoprikler>I imagine that gets filled quite quickly
<tohoyn>wingo: what do you think about bug #45131?
<meo>actually at this point I care more about correctness than performance
<civodul>wingo: hi! SGTM!
<meo>the underlying structure is private and can be changed later
<meo>maybe I should just implement it in C or something
<civodul>wingo: can you take care of it?
<civodul>i think we need to update NEWS for earlier fixes
<meo>oh yeah speaking of which, one of the tests in guix causes guile to crash
<meo>I need to isolate that...
<leoprikler>since you need O(n) for copying, what exactly is the problem with using lists instead of vectors then? I assume the access, but if you're clever with your fold's you should have overall O(n) for your algorithms
<wingo>civodul: yeah i can do it
<wingo>tohoyn: sure can apply that one
<wingo>tx for poke
<tohoyn>wingo: ok. tx.
<tohoyn>wingo: could you inform me when it has been applied?
<meo>leoprikler: im cheating by buffering the changes, anyway it's too early to consider this a problem
<wingo>tohoyn: done
<tohoyn>wingo: tx
<wingo>lloda: do you anticipate breaking chanes from the srfi-64 change?
*wingo recalls quite a number of user problems from the last srfi-64 update
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***wingo changes topic to 'Welcome to #guile. See for more information. Guile 3.0.7 is out! <>. This channel is logged, see <>. Bug database at <>.'
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<wingo>release all done; the manual commit is taking time because fucking CVS
<lampilelo>wingo: the change to srfi-64 fixes the bug introduced by the last one, if someone, in the meantime, wrote code that relies on that bug, it will break
<wingo>omg what, are we going to have another round of people wondering why their srfi-64-based test suites fail???
<lampilelo>the problem with the last change was that the test runner was getting uninstalled every time the test group finished
<lampilelo>this change makes it so the test runner is gettin uninstalled only if there was no test runner to begin with and the test group introduced a temporary one
<lampilelo>it shouldn't have any side-effects other than fixing the bug, also i can take all the blame because it's my patch
<lampilelo>s/test group/test/g
<civodul>wingo: yay, thank you! \o/
<wingo>lampilelo: sounds good :)
<lampilelo>i'm thinking about another fix to srfi-64 because there's a problem of test-group not working if you don't have a runner installed, i suspect people don't like srfi-64 for testing because of this kind of small bugs that prevent it from "just working"
<wingo>compatible fixes that smooth user experience are golden
<lampilelo>so you say there was a slew of people complaining but nobody made a patch! outrageous! ;)
<lloda>i had to fix my own tests after the earlier srfi-64 patch, but i didn't have to do anything for the latest one fwiw
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<mwette>meo: look at share/guile/3.0/module/language/cps/with-cps.scm
<meo>thanks, will look
<meo>thanks much appreciated
<meo>I dont have the faintest idea how to test constructs like these
<dsmith-work>Morning Greetings, Guilers
<taylan>heya, is there an actual bug tracker for Guile? I was only able to find the mailing list archive, which can't give me a list of open reports if I'm not mistaken.
<rekado>taylan: is backed by debbugs
<taylan>ah, thanks. for some reason Google was useless.
<dsmith-work>sneek: bugs?
<sneek>bugs is Send reports to, and see bug reports at
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<taylan>does anyone happen to know where the module (system syntax internal) is defined? I can only find module/system/syntax.scm which uses it but doesn't define it.
<taylan>ok, I found where the forms exported from the module are defined (in libguile/syntax.c), still curious how the module is defined though.
<dsmith-work>taylan: Look at line 4700 in boot-9.scm
<taylan>oh, doh, like 10 lines above where I looked :)
<dsmith-work>Behold the mighty power of grep! (or ripgrep in this case)
<sneek>Welcome back zimoun, you have 1 message!
<sneek>zimoun, efraim says: changing the zstd test to use compression level 16 worked. I'll commit the change to core-updates.
<efraim>I think that was a while ago
<zimoun>yeah probably. :-)
<zimoun>civodul: test-assert with with-exception-handler fails excepts if it is wrapped with call/cc. The exception is generated by raise-exception make-error. I guess, I miss something. Why does it work with call/cc and not without?
<civodul>zimoun: do you have a specific example?
<civodul>BTW, as a rule of thumb, never use call/cc except for SICP :-)
<zimoun>a function that returns an exception (define-exception-type). This function is β€œnew” gem->guix-package from Guix and we are trying to test β€œ(gem->guix-package "do-not-exist")”
<civodul>zimoun: so what about: (test-assert "xyz" 'exc (guard (c ((error? c) 'exc)) (gem->guix-package "does-not-exist"))) ?
<civodul>there are quite a few tests like this
<civodul>(note: Guix doesn't use the Guile 3 exception API yet)
<zimoun>civodul: thanks. Is it a willing to not use Guile 3 exception API? Or can we add it for the new tests?
<civodul>zimoun: for now we'll stick to srfi-34 or good'ol catch
<civodul>(current Guix still builds with 2.2)
<davexunit>in case anyone else likes this stuff: here's the classic Sponza scene as currently rendered by a glTF importer and renderer written in Guile
<davexunit>(TODO: apply lighting)
<davexunit>thanks, guile-opengl