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<rlb>daviid: here's what I did, fwiw: See in particular the changes to compat.scm.
<rlb>(commit message also has some rationale)
<daviid>rlb: wil look at it asap, tx
<daviid>i have another quiz, for autotools 'familiar' - g-golf (as an example) may be used with guile-2.0 >= 2.0.14, 2.2 (any version) and 3.0 >= 3.0.7 (which is the first version that will have the patch related to the module-use! 'target' functionality ...) so, till now i had GUILE_PKG([2.2 2.0]), GUILE_PROGS([2.0.14]) - how can we easily acheive this?
<dsmith>sneek: botsnack
<sneek>up 5 minutes
<daviid>abralek: i see nobody answered your question, and i am not 8sync knowledgeable either, but fwiw, its author is dustyweb - who appeared a bit later to your post, maybe you may ping each other ... :)
<daviid>dsmith: it just occured to me that our bot commands such as !uptime ... use the same naming convention than g-golf accessors :) - probably the other way around though, g-golf accessors use the same naming convention as bots commands ... i see other bots do that to, in #git they have !situation, !paste ... :) is there some 'history/story' behind this notation, among bot writers ...?
<srandon111>anybody on a BSD here?
<daviid>wingo: I've answered my own quiz, in bug#47084, related to how to suppress warnings ... i think this bug may be closed now, all fixed, many thanks again
<abralek>daviid: I see, many thanks for letting me know. I sent an email to @guile-user yesterday, maybe I could ping him
<daviid>abralek: welcome!
<dsmith>daviid: Yes, I belive so. The old bot in #debian (dpkg ?) used ~ IIRC.
<dsmith>Probably just really easy and cheap to only listen to lines with the magic char as prefix.
<dsmith>The '!' is from bobot. The '{nick}' is from sarahbot.
<dsmith>srandon111: Almost. Just installed the recent fbsd 13 in vbox, with a mind to try Guile on it, but had other problems so I rm'ed it.
<dsmith>srandon111: RhodiumToad is a bsd user IIRC
<wingo>i keep reading "bsd" as "bad"
<wingo>should get my eyes checked
*davexunit did the same
*RhodiumToad is indeed a freebsd user
<dsmith-work>wingo: bsd is good!
<dsmith-work>Back when I was doing consulting, had a thinkpad with flakey hard drive. Would overheat and get read/write errors.
<dsmith-work>And Windows, Linux, and Fbsd installed. Was a real eye opener how they handled the drive errors.
<dsmith-work>Windows jus locked up.
<dsmith-work>Linux was hitting the HD often, and I could not run new procs, but I *could* run things already resident, like staring another Xterm.
<dsmith-work>FreeBSD didn't blink and eye. When I went to shutdown, it mentioned there were some block it was having a hard time with.
<dsmith-work>After a while, it apologized that it could *not* write those blocks, and shutdown.
<veltas>That is very interesting, I have intermittant issues with my hard drive's sata connection and I've seen what you saw on Windows and Linux
<veltas>But FreeBSD seems to handle that much better than either
<dsmith-work>Now, this was about 17 years ago. Things have probably changed.
<veltas>Yes possible they've factored that out, FreeBSD development philosophy and all
<veltas>Linux handles this gracefully enough, it's Windows that really drops the ball
<dsmith-work>But was also very impressed with the driver documentation. And how drivers/docs/userland are always in sync.
<dsmith-work>But I'm just too set in my ways to leave Debian package management.
<dsmith-work>My new car (haven't had my own car for about 5 years now)
<RhodiumToad>see the "fsyncgate" stuff from a year or two back
<RhodiumToad>(short version: linux will forget that write errors happened)
<soda__hobart>holy crap... are there any tricks for catching when you've unintendedly put a variable inside some parens?
<RhodiumToad>(var) rather than var ?
<RhodiumToad>obviously if the value of var is a thunk, (var) would be a normal thing to do
<soda__hobart>it took sooooo long to find it too
<RhodiumToad>and if it's not a thunk or some applicable object, then (var) would be an error, yes?
<soda__hobart>yes, "wrong type to apply" error
<soda__hobart>i need an erroneous pseudo-thunk highlighter i think, haha
<vbramselaar>Hi there is it possible to supress the auto-compile notes when running "guile -s"?
<vbramselaar>Im running guile 2.2 btw
<abralek>dustyweb: Thanks for the respond to my 8sync select issue. the fiber branch works flawlessly =)