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<tohoyn>sneek: botsnack
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<chrislck>Happy Sunday, all \o/
<sneek>Welcome back civodul, you have 1 message!
<sneek>civodul, apteryx says: lfam sorry about the hostname change on berlin, I meant to type 'host' to check its IP but apparently typed hostname :-)
<ArneBab>leoprikler: I tried using Shitsumon with Tsukundere installed via Guix, but I get "no code for module (shitsumon)"
<ArneBab>leoprikler: when I run shitsumon directly with guile --language=wisp shitsumon.w , I get Module named (tsukundere assets) has no public interface
<ArneBab>leoprikler: for install I changed tsukundere/guix.scm to return tsukundere/wisp
<leoprikler>Using tsukundere/wisp should do the right thing, but how did you invoke it?
<ArneBab>with tsukundere run -L $PWD -A $PWD -m shitsumon
<leoprikler>Inside the shitsumon directory?
<ArneBab>yes … and I just updated tsukundere and now it works …
<ArneBab>git pull for the win …
<ArneBab>sorry …
<leoprikler>wait, what?
<ArneBab>must have been stuck on a broken commit (it was e97e170)
<leoprikler>I did not push anything, that is related to the module stuff recently
<ArneBab>now I’m on 042d81a and it runs
<leoprikler>That's strange, e97→042 is a completely unrelated change
<leoprikler>And I swear I tested with e97 before
<leoprikler>And even more so with c177b15c before it
<ssbnxx>hey can someone recommend a good .guile file for me to look at? I found this and I was wondering what else I could add
<leoprikler>ssbnxx: The default .guile in Guix consists of (ice-9 colorized) and (ice-9 readline). I don't think much more customization is needed
<ssbnxx>leoprikler: okay, thank you
<ArneBab>leoprikler: I switched back and forth and now it breaks again ?? now with tsukundere/game/internals.scm:40:25: In procedure current-window: In procedure fluid-ref: unbound fluid: #<fluid 7f324152a290>
<leoprikler>hmm, tsukundere currently always runs in pseudo-interpreted mode, so the backtrace may not be fully usable, but can you check where that call comes from?
<ArneBab>leoprikler: to reproduce: cd ../tsukundere; echo tsukundere/wisp >> guix.scm; guix environment --ad-hoc -l guix.scm; (now inside environment: cd ../tsukundere-shitsumon/; tsukundere run -L $PWD -A $PWD -m shitsumon
<ArneBab>In tsukundere/game.scm:
<ArneBab> 63:22 1 (_ #f)
<ArneBab>In tsukundere/game/internals.scm:
<ArneBab> 40:25 0 (current-window)
<ArneBab>could this happen because I closed the window?
<leoprikler>Well, the game should exit normally if you close the window, but did you perhaps close it too quickly?
<ArneBab>possibly, yes
<ArneBab>but a previous run
<ArneBab>I wonder whether I have problems because I installed both tsukundere 0.2.3 (from regular guix) and 0.3.x (from the repo)
<ArneBab>removing tsukundere 0.2.3 now
<leoprikler>At the very least, I know that 0.2.3 and 0.3.0 are incompatible.
<rlb>wingo: one thing I noticed - libunistring has a number of functions (see the info pages for unicase.h) for case mapping strings with and without normalization and/or localization. I haven't delved yet, but wondered if we might be able to use those instead of the current per-char conversions. Though if they're all context sensitive (not sure), then perhaps not (given that I think we're not context sensitive now.)
<leoprikler>I'm trying to see, what tsukundere from Guix should produce on its own
<leoprikler>Yep, Tsukundere 0.2.3 produces "no code for module (shitsumon)"
<leoprikler>That's because multi-language support was added in 0.3.0
<leoprikler>Similarly, 0.3.0 without linking against Wisp also produces that message
<leoprikler>or no, it produces an error, that Wisp doesn't exist
<ArneBab>I now used guix remove tsukundere, and I killed the ccache rm -rf ~/.cache/guile/ccache/ but I still get the error
<ArneBab>I’ll try installing directly via autotools now
<ArneBab>still unbound fluid ref at current-window. I’m uninstalling chickadee
<rlb>If I need to coerce a void* (that I know is an SCM) to SCM, is SCM_PACK() suitable?