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<brendyyn>leoprikler: Do you consider it a bug that it just makes guile crash?
<brendyyn>Interesting. Chez crashes too but it says "out of memory" first.
<leoprikler>I'm not sure what Guile's OOM story is.
<leoprikler>the thing about OOM is that you can't guarantee you'll have enough memory for raising an error
<wingo>leoprikler: yeah it's a problem!
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<rekado>leoprikler: perhaps the old sysadmin trick of reserving space (memory in this case) to be used for the OOM case is applicable here
<wingo>interesting idea. would have to be clever regarding mlock and such
<wingo>to make sure that freeing the memory would actually free some memory
<wingo>hm? :)
<daviid>sorry, wrong window...
<ArneBab>wingo: maybe creating the error at startup so it can still be given when nothing can be allocated anymore?
<flatwhatson>like keeping a pre-allocated sigstack around for segv handling
<chrislck>Monday greetings!
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<dsmith-work>Monday Greetings, Guilers
<Noisytoot>wingo, By mlock do you mean ChanServ mlock, or something else?
<dsmith-work>Why does (myor1 #f) => #f but (myor2 #f) => () ?
<dsmith-work>Guile is 3.0.4
<ft>I think you want (apply myor2 (cdr args))
<dsmith-work>ft: Thanks!
<RhodiumToad>(define (myor . args) (any identity args))
<dsmith-work>RhodiumToad: Very nice
<hugo>Is there any Guile/Scheme game-dev channels on freenode?
<nebunez>hugo: #lispgames might be of interest to you
<zzappie>hugo: there is #lispgames
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<lispmacs[work]>hi, I'm trying to remember what is the easiest way to generate a list of numbers in a range (0 .. n)
<lispmacs[work]>not that it would be hard to implement, but thought there might be an SRFI word for that or something
<lispmacs[work]>eh, well, just implemented it
<zzappie>lispmacs[work]: too late but there is (iota x)... :)
<lispmacs[work]>zzappie: thanks
<ft>lispmacs[work]: srfi-42 is the one you're looking for if iota is not good enough.
<lispmacs[work]>ft: thanks