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<leoprikler>probably a dumb question, but do you have the context info to do sorting yourself?
<leoprikler>you could also try this bottom up – first match the sublists (a . b) or (c . d), then propagate their stuff up into a list/record to do a match-let on that
<leoprikler>or as always sxpath
<chrislck>probably difficult becuase s-exp from json will be 'top down'
<chrislck>here's a top-down drilling into the required sublists
<chrislck>the preceding function is the sublist setter
<zzappie>leoprikler: I got away with assoc-ref's but this not the first time I comming accros this
<zzappie>thanks for sxml tips btw
<zzappie>chrislck: in terms of drilling I also foud *** patern in (ice-9 match)
<chrislck>ooh do pastebin, never understood its use
<zzappie>chrislck: (match '(a (b (c (d)))) ((x *** 'd) x)) will return '(a b c)
<zzappie>so then you could treat it as nested list position
<zzappie>oops I supposed to be (match '(a (b (c (d)))) ((x *** '(d)) x))
<zzappie>so it finds position of match in a nested list. Probably the first occurernce
<mwette>In dealing with trees (aka nested lists) I like to use (sxml fold). I think the tfold procedures should work for non-sxml trees also. Here is a ref:
<dsmith-work>Tuesday Greetings, Guilers
<spk121>dsmith-work: greetings. What are you working on, today?
<dsmith-work>Only $DAYJOB stuff. The place I work makes these:
<dsmith-work>I did some kernel drivers for it, and a node-red node.
<spk121>dsmith-work: nice
<dsmith-work>So my days are currently full of Shell, Python and Nodejs.
<spk121>Today for $dayjob, I'll be mostly drawing in Python w/ MatPlotLib. My free time hack today is console widget in Guile
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<civodul>hmm if i
<civodul>so, if i do: guile -c '(parameterize ((current-error-port (%make-void-port "w"))) (throw "x"))'
<civodul>the current-error-port binding is ignored when the backtrace is displayed
<civodul>weird no?
<civodul>spk121: sounds fun; it has to do with ipython, right?
<dsmith-work>spk121: The latest free-time hack for me was making a firefox extension to popup a list of mdns services
<spk121>civodul: nah. It is more like a graphical log file report of hardware resource usage
<dsmith-work>If anyone is interested:
<spk121>dsmith-work: neat
<dsmith-work>sneek: botsnack
<dsmith-work>Had some power glitches yesterday. Good to see the bot survived.
<bjoli>Ahoy hoy!
<dongcarl>Hi all, I'm wondering about building the guile-zlib and guile-lzlib packages, their HACKING file seems to indicate that they need to run `guile-hall`, however, it seems that just doing `autoreconf -vfi && ./configure && make` works well enough
<dongcarl>Is there an actual need?
<leoprikler>guile-hall should create autotools from the hall.scm. Assuming that upstream generates the former upon make dist somehow, you don't need that.
<leoprikler>Otherwise yes, invoke guile-hall first
<dsmith-work>Sheesh. I'm getting old. A few weeks ago, I found a command to strip out escape sequences (ansi color stuff) but not I just can't remember what it was.
<dsmith-work>Anyone know something like that? Pretty sure it was just some debian package...