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<chrislck>noticed this a long time ago but still cracks me up: (number? +nan.0) => #t
<ATuin>(* +nan.0 0) => +nan.0 uh
<ATuin>weird, yes
<RhodiumToad>what would you expect?
<RhodiumToad>on the other hand, (expt 1 +nan.0) => 1.0
<ATuin>ahh well i guess the * makes sense yes
<tohoyn>ATuin: this is weird: (= +nan.0 +nan.0) => #f
<tohoyn>chrislck: IMHO the behaviour of number? with nan's is ok
<tohoyn>chrislck: although NaN is an abbreviation for "not a number"
<chrislck>tohoyn: exactly. it's semantics vs r5rs.
<ft>I think equality between two nans is undefined in the standard.
<tohoyn>ft: according to R7RS if any of the arguments for procedures =,>,<,<=,>= is NaN the procedure returns #f
<tohoyn>ft: page 36 in R7RS
<ft>tohoyn: Interesting. So = and eqv? are different in that regard. Didn't expect that.
<tohoyn>anybody participating in Guile Potluck?
<tohoyn>I'll participate with Theme-D
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<rekado>tohoyn: is the idea to present Guile projects? If so I’ll submit the picture language, Guile Studio, and Guile DRMAA.
<tohoyn>rekado: see
<rekado>yeah, I read that, but it’s not clear to me if it should be just one submission per person ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
*rekado never participated in a game jam
<leoprikler>game jams are usually 1 per person
<leoprikler>or 1 per team
<ATuin>uhh it's confusing with nan :D
<tohoyn>oh. I submitted three projects related to Theme-D.
<leoprikler>also the theme is mostly to push new or recently completed stuff out in the world
<ATuin>what's Guile Potluck?
<tohoyn>ATuin: see the link I just posted
<ATuin>ahh sorry i did not see it
<ATuin>ahh nice
<ATuin>maybe for next one i can participate, still learning guile :D
<leoprikler>Basically, your Guile software will get a shoutout as in
<spk121>Yeah, for the potluck, the hope is to get some buzz and visibility for the entries. Try to get others to check out the work. I'm also trying to make some physical swag for participants: probably postcards or stickers.
<spk121>In a game jam, usually there is a winner, but, since there are no strict limit here -- like you can only work on it for 3 weeks -- it would be impossible to make those comparisons
<wingo>good evening
<wingo>civodul: what is needed to switch from "master" to "main" ? do you have much CI stuff that depends on "master" ?
<fnstudio>hello! i need to do some web scraping and i found this brilliant guide
<fnstudio>which is based on (use-modules (web client) (web uri) (htmlprag))
<fnstudio>the post, however, is from 2012 and i was wondering if that was still more or less up-to-date
<civodul>wingo: nope, nothing depends on it (for Guile), i guess we could switch "right away"
<civodul>for Guix it's more difficult
<leoprikler>fnstudio: more or less, yes
<leoprikler>I personally tend to use sxml over htmlprag, but that can break as not every site is xhtml
<leoprikler>depending on your use case, you might also want to add guile-json, particularly if you can talk to some json api instead of weird html
<fnstudio>leoprikler: fantastic, thanks v much
<Formbi>is it possible to choose the auto compile directory?
<leoprikler>Formbi: indirectly yes, Guile honors XDG