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<sgssgene>Hey, I'm trying to contribute to libfive-studio which uses guile. It takes a user input (script) and runs it in an sandbox.
<sgssgene>    auto result = scm_call_1(scm_eval_sandboxed,
<sgssgene>            scm_from_locale_string(script.toLocal8Bit().data()));
<sgssgene>Now it can (obviously) happen that `script` is malformed, not a valid scheme program. This causes basically causes that a function `sandbox-backtrace stack` is being called where `(define stack (make-stack #t))`.
<sgssgene>What I would like to do is to get the line number of the individual parts of the stack that involve my error. I have already sliced out the frames of the stack concerning my script. But it is unclear to me
<sgssgene>how I can retrieve the line number from the stack (retrieving filename seems easy with `frame-source`, but I can't figure out how to get the fileline. Can someone give me anyhints?
<tohoyn>are there any plans to fix statprof so that "cumulative seconds" works correctly for recursive functions, too?
<wingo>tohoyn: what would that mean? :)
<wingo>kcachegrind for example has the same behavior as guile
<tohoyn>wingo: if we have a procedure PROC the cumulative time is the total time spent in PROC and all the procedures it calls
<tohoyn>wingo: perhaps we could have both
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<tohoyn>wingo: I mean both kinds of cumulative times
<wingo>it is certainly possible to do; the analysis happens after the profile
<wingo>all the data is there
<tohoyn>wingo: can you give some hints how that could be done?
<wingo>i would suggest opening module/statprof.scm and reading from top to bottom. statprof enables a signal that is fired by the OS after a bit of time has elapsed. when it fires, statprof takes a sample of the entire stack.
<wingo>when statprof stops, it analyzes those samples to map the stack frames to function names and locations
<tohoyn>wingo: so basically we should check if different stack frames belong to the same procedure?
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<chrislck>It's Mondayyyyy {groan}
<RhodiumToad>you don't like mondays?
<dsmith-work>Morning Greetings, Guilers
<apteryx>does someone know how to specify an exact error condition with (srfi srfi-64) and Guile?
<apteryx>I want to catch such codition: &store-protocol-error message: "build of `/gnu/store/n9a8lqx0gaxkd5hrfmrcw5pjdsaccvlw-python-dummy-fail-console-script-0.drv' failed" status: 100
<apteryx>hm, perhaps not possible yet. A comment in testing.scm: ;; TODO: decide how to specify expected error types for Guile.
<lfam>I still have a gcroot of "/root/.config/guix/latest"
<lfam>Time flies!
<lfam>Sorry, wrong channel!
<civodul>lfam: good'ol times ;-)
<civodul>(not that good tho because "guix pull" was terrible back then)
<lfam>It's much better now :)
<lfam>I guess it's probably wasting some space on my computer!
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<rekado>apteryx: it’s possible, just not with test-error
<rekado>apteryx: you can test-equal instead, catch the error yourself and compare it