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<rekado>I haven’t really investigated this much, but I’m having a problem with reported error locations when using load.
<rekado>I’m loading a wisp file and any errors triggered by that file prints something like “ice-9/boot-9.scm:1669:16: In procedure raise-exception: …” instead of the location in that file.
<rekado>it’s probably my fault, because I’m setting a prompt tag before using “load”, and I’m walking up the stack in the error handler.
<mwette>rekado: I get that all the time, with Scheme code.
<mwette>Sometimes works better if you compile relevant code w/ -O0.
<rlb>...given the recent compiler changes, is say (memv x chars) likely to perform much differently from an equivalent case clause for say 10-20 characters?
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<apteryx>is there a way to have format ignore some characters (e.g. ascii color escape codes); I'd like padding to work as expected even when coloring output.
<RhodiumToad>you mean when formatting a string?
<RhodiumToad>you want it to treat the string's length as something other than what it really is for padding purposes
<apteryx>one of the components gets decorated by an ANSI escape code, which format rightly treats as characters. Since they're invisible though, that visually doesn't work well with the usual padding mechanism.
<RhodiumToad>that suggests you need your own function to get the "display length" of a string, and compute the padding from that
<apteryx>I see. Thank you.
<RhodiumToad>which of course requires knowing what sequences are escapes
<apteryx>another thing I was wondering about: is string-match really inefficient compared to regexp-exec? Wouldn't the byte compiler already be able to preprocess (e.g., compile) the regexp when it's static, else cache the result from a first compilation at run time?
<RhodiumToad>does the compiler do that, though?
<apteryx>I don't know.
<apteryx>The doc suggests that no, but I'm curious whether there technical reasons for such limitation.
<spk121>Over the years, I have written a few fairly elaborate parsers for escape codes (ECMA48 and other associated standards) but sadly I don't have one in Scheme to offer you
<terpri>apteryx, dunno if it's "really inefficient" compared to regexp-exec, but typical uses of string-match don't compile static regexps during byte-compilation
<terpri>e.g. compare ',x (lambda (x) (string-match "a*b" x))' and ',x (let ((a*b (make-regexp "a*b"))) (lambda (x) (regexp-exec a*b x)))'
<terpri>(i'd guess it's because string-match or regexp-exec could be redefined by the user)
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<civodul>hey wingo!
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<rekado>with srfi-64 can I use test-error and test-read-eval-string to not only detect that a syntax error is reported, but also match on the error message?
<rekado>mwette: I was hoping to avoid compilation, because it’s an extra step, but I’ll give it a try in the pursuit of better error messages.
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<civodul>wingo: i have a few commits at that you might want to take
<civodul>trivial fixes
<wingo>i should maintain it better :P i always have 2 or 3 WIP checkouts around for experiments in progress that i haven't gotten around to publishing
<wingo>civodul: want to have privs on ? or we could put it somewhere else
<wingo>i have a moderate goal of not breaking back-compatibility, but if there are real improvements that can apply generally then i'm fine with breaking changes
<wingo>generally speaking that means added functionality always ok, changed functionality possible but good to avoid
<wingo>sound good to you?
<wingo>i keep meaning to take a few months and do a proper grammar-of-graphics thing :P
<rlb>wingo: not sure if you saw, but if not, noticed a possible fectors bug: After enough popping, ref returns internal structure rather than the value.
<rlb>wingo: oh, and it's not at all urgent, I was just toying with a perf test against the C vecs.
<rlb>(when the test suite hit that)
<civodul>wingo: as you prefer, i'm happy with you pulling or with me pushing if you don't mind giving me access
<civodul>and yes, these were just basic fixes
<civodul>but actually, perhaps i forked off an older branch at
<civodul>re grammar of graphics, don't miss rekado's guile-picture-language :-)
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<civodul>ah, better :-)