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<tohoyn>sneek: botsnack3
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<fuukshiit>hello all
<RhodiumToad>good morning
<fuukshiit>RhodiumToad, how are you ?
<RhodiumToad>about average
<fuukshiit>RhodiumToad, why it's not great?
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<Rovanion>I read in that I should run ./configure at the root of the main Guix Git repo, but I don't see any in my repo or in the web view of the repo:
<RhodiumToad>configure files are often not stored in repos, but generated for distributions (I have no idea about guix specifically)
<RhodiumToad>notice that there _is_ a, which would be processed by autoconf to create ./configure
<Rovanion>Found it, you need to run ./bootstrap and then ./configure.
<Rovanion>I've got two documentation patches that I want to submit but the only working email client I've got is Gmail. I'm working up to mu4e but that seems far away now. Is it possible to submit patches using Gmail as an email client or is there some other procedure I can use until I get mu4e set up?
<pinoaffe>Rovanion: It's probably better to use something other than Gmail (an imap client like thunderbird or claws-mail that supports plaintext compose mode should do the trick), but as with any other mail client it should work as long as it sends plaintext mail along with whatever HTML the client makes up and as long as it doesn't automagically break lines for you
<RhodiumToad>surely even gmail should be able to send a plain-text attachment
<pinoaffe>I'll have to admit I've sent a couple of mangled patches myself when I didn't use the correct settings in the mail client
<chrislck>Tuesday Greetings, guilers!
<dsmith-work>Hey Hi Howdy, Guilers
<dsmith-work>I know I've seen instructions on using git send-mail wit gmail, but I don't remember where.
<dsmith-work>Maybe in the uboot or buildroot project documentation?
<tohoyn>Theme-D-Golf version 0.8.6 has been released:
<tohoyn>I changed the example programs to use <gtk-application>
<fnstudio>hi! if i wanted to parallelise some little script i have written in guile, is there any obvious way to go / anything i should have a look at in terms of libraries or tools?
<fnstudio>the script does some number crunching
<fnstudio>which i suppose i could parallelise by simply "manually" partitioning the domain
<fnstudio>or maybe there's some framework/library/tool that is language agnostic (as in "it takes a generic binary as input") and i should look into that
<leoprikler>fnstudio: the standard library already has some valuable stuff like parallel-map, that might be useful to you
<leoprikler>other than that, you might want to look into asyncs
<fnstudio>leoprikler: amazing! very helpful thanks!
<leoprikler>Oops. it's par-map
<fnstudio>ah, good, par-map - thanks
<mwette>there is also futures
<fnstudio>mwette: i'll look into that as well, thanks
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