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<daviid>anyone has a module they maintain in several diff versions? reading the doc, i fail to understand what file name the module should have
<a_v_p>Hello Guilers!
<a_v_p>I implemented 'diff' procedure for Metabash that compares two data streams. Here's an usage example:
<daviid>so, i thought i'd have a file named mod-1.scm containing (define-module (mod) #:version (1)), then (use-modules ((mod) #:version (1))) but that fails
<tohoyn>"cumulative seconds" in statprof output does not work
<tohoyn>I get cumulative seconds 30000 in a program with total 870 seconds
<tohoyn>sneek: botsnack
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<daviid>i also tried to create a mod dir, with a 1.scm file in it, but (use-modules ((mod) #:version (1))) equaly fails with "no code for module"(mod)
<daviid>i fail to understand how to create and maintain several versions of a module -
<leoprikler>daviid: (define-module (mod) ) => mod.scm
<leoprikler>for version, you need to put #:version into the define-module
<RhodiumToad>I think the question is whether it's possible to have multiple versions of a module and let the client module ask for the one it wants
<RhodiumToad>(to which the answer seems to be no)
<leoprikler>Well, you can, but you'll have to manipulate load paths in order to do so.
<leoprikler>also IIRC Guile does not support loading multiple versions of the same library
<RhodiumToad>I think the answer is if you want different versions of a library with different interfaces, maybe they should be different libraries, possibly re-exporting from a common source
<RhodiumToad>but my experience is insufficient to know whether that's a good idea
<tohoyn>sneek: botsnack
<daviid>leoprikler: RhodiumToad is right, the question was, and it doesn't seem you tried :), since it does not work, to have a module created and maintinaed in diff version - of course the user would load one version only :)
<daviid>and i was looking for builtt-in functionality, not a hacky hack of mine ... which i can always do of course that was not the question
<leoprikler>well, the "built-in" functionality would be one based on load paths
<daviid>I actually missundeertood the purpose and associated functionality of #:version in guile's module system, it is just a number and guile will check that what is defined is >= to what the user ask ...
<daviid>but it is not a way to acheive what i need
<leoprikler>guile-gnome once did this, perhaps because the had the grand idea of at some point doing gnome-3, but that turned out to have been a bit too eager
<daviid>leoprikler: i am a guile-gnome co-maintainer :) - in guile-gnome, it is in the module name
<daviid>I could do that though, of course
<leoprikler>for the record, what exactly are you trying to achieve here?
<leoprikler>btw. version is not only >=, it can also be <= and =
<leoprikler>just supplying a number will do = IIUC
<daviid>leoprikler: hum, i'll try and check =, i thought it would always check for >=
<RhodiumToad>eqv? is the default test according to the docs
<leoprikler>tbf eqv? is a more reasonable default than >=
<daviid>it won't work in guile because there can be only one mod def (in memory) with a given name, since the version is a field, not a key to retreive the module def ...
<daviid>so the only way is to use a diff module name, g-golf, g-golf3, g-golf-3, g-golf4 g-golf-4 ... which is ok i guess, sqlite3 does that to :)
<daviid>or i can opt not to support gt3/gdk3 as well, since g-golf somehow 'does not really exists out there yet' -
<RhodiumToad>what would it support then?
<leoprikler>GI does not support loading Gtk-4 and Gtk-3 in parallel either, but if you did want to be "future-proof" you could do it like Guile-GI and simply name your modules (g-golf gtk-3) (g-golf gtk-4) etc.
<leoprikler>As long as you only load those modules on request, everything should be fine
<daviid>leoprikler: ther are no such gtk-xx module in g-golf
<daviid>that is not the roblem
<leoprikler>what's the problem then?
<daviid>anyway, i will think about it
<daviid>leoprikler: no bindings on earth can support loading -4 and -3, this is by typelib anf gi desiugn,m it is not a property or a lack of prtoperty of the binding
<daviid>and fwiw, g-golf is future proof, it already import and runs gdk/gsk/gtk4 ...
<leoprikler>Exactly, hence why you can translate GI typelibs <=> modules just like that.
<daviid>what id not future proof is gnome
<daviid>no, not just like that, but ...
<daviid>because :)
<leoprikler>w(hat) d(o) y(ou) m(ean)?
<nixo_>Hi! I cannot figure out if there's a way to make a deep copy of a record in guile 3. I thought copy-tree would work, but then changing a field in the copy changes the original