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<dsmith>sneek: botsnack
<dsmith>sneek: goops?
<dsmith>daviid: No remembered things matching that I guess
<dsmith>sneek: goops-tutorial?
<sneek>Someone once said goops-tutorial is
<dsmith>sneek: goops-tutorial
<sneek>Last time I checked goops-tutorial is
<dsmith>query sneek
<daviid>dsmith: great, i think i did try goops, GOOPS, and goops tutorial, but didn't try goops-tutorial ... :) - my bad ...
<dsmith>It's nice to be able to find something, if only I could remember what it's called....
<dsmith>naming is a hard problem.
<dsmith>sneek: hard problem is There are two hard problems in CS: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors.
<daviid>dsmith: yeah, the usual ... 'problem', i thought we did add the sneek help on the name 'goops' and also thought it could search on more then one word, hence my attempt on 'goops tutorial' ... but i's ok, i'll try to remember it is 'goops-tutirial' for the next occurrence :)
<dsmith>daviid: The bot does accept SQL wildcards:
<dsmith>sneek: goops%?
<sneek>goops-tutorial is
<daviid>ah great
<daviid>but it needs the ?
<dsmith>sneek: goops%
<daviid>sneek: goops*
<sneek>goops-tutorial is
<dsmith>The wildcard is % not *
<daviid>ah ok
<dsmith>select field from table where key like '%wild%';
<daviid>yeah, i forgot my sql 'knowledge' ... a while i didn't have to sql
<daviid>foliot extensively uses it, but it been ages i use it and did not program .. but soon, i'll port it to g-golf, so i'll get a bit of sql knowledge back ..
<dsmith>I have only the most rudimentary knowledge. Never quite got the different kinds of joins.
<weinholt>daviid, yeah, no need to patch
<wingo>weinholt: good news, the md5 bug would seem to be a peval bug
<wingo>so it should be easy to pin down
<chrislck>more unbound-variable madness: warning: possibly unbound variable `set:tm-mon' -- I thought set-tm:mon was core
<weinholt>wingo, cool
<tohoyn>sneek, botsnack
<ane>ugh, isn't it enough to just (use-modules (foobar)) for with-coverage-data to "see" it when instrumenting code?
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