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<bsima>Does anyone know how to get a guile + libraries on nixos? Something like 'nix-shell -p guile -p libfive' doesn't automatically work unfortunately
<bsima>i guess the libfive derivation in particular isn't written to support compiling with guile support
<oni-on-ion>strange, is it not required for something like libfive::Studio ?
<bsima>i get a in the nix closure but i'm not sure how to use that
<bsima>'configure: error: Guile bindings for libfive are missing; please install them.'
<bsima>got that error while trying to use another library that wraps libfive
<bsima>so, i guess i have to figure out how to compile libfive guile bindings
<oni-on-ion>hmm. i've no experience with guix myself
<bsima>i'm on nixos not guix
<bsima>but i'm kinda too tired to really firugre this out
<bsima>maybe i'll do it tomorrow
<oni-on-ion>ohh, sorry, i've gottent hem mixed up right there
<bsima>oh i just had to add libfive to buildInputs lol
<oni-on-ion>ah =)
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<RhodiumToad>is it intended that guile3 header files don't compile on c99 but require c11?
<RhodiumToad>(they redefine typedefs)
<civodul>RhodiumToad: it must be a bug
<RhodiumToad>libguile/scm.h defines, for example, typedef struct scm_dynstack scm_t_dynstack; where struct scm_dynstack is not yet defined
<RhodiumToad>then libguile/dynstack.h defines it again as typedef struct scm_dynstack { ... } scm_t_dynstack;
<RhodiumToad>that's a warning, but then guile-cairo tries to build with -Werror
<a_v_p>Hello guillers! FWIW, I'm writing bindings to libdbus for GNU Guile: