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<oni-on-ion>daviid, ah i see. i also did that as well, to remove any system guile (which was not used by anything)
<daviid>oni-on-ion: you mentioned you 'manually' removed things (in /usr, that could be a debian install - and /usr/local, that would be a manual installation), i think you should try to unistall properly, in both cases, but especially the former (possible debian previous install) - and make sure you don't have 'old' config in /etc/ (or its subdirs) wrt guile, as well as checking your bash and/or other env vars ... and clean 'for
<daviid>sure' ...
<daviid>oni-on-ion: if there was a debian package, you may try 'dpkg -l | grep guile' then use 'aptitude purge ...' upon those you don't want anymore ..., if any
<daviid>manually, you'd need to find the source dir, configure using the prefix, appears to be /usr/local, then run 'make uninstall' - if you manually updated /etc/, update and run ldconfig as root ... for env vars, I guess you know how to ...
<daviid>oni-on-ion: are you on debian testing or stable?
<oni-on-ion>daviid, hey sorry. testing i think. but i have not updated any system software since the summer. i tried 'make uninstall' from the existing guile git repo i had cloned, which was not a target. then removed anything from debian packages (guile 2.2) and then scored all /usr/local for any guile related (share, lib, include, bin)
<oni-on-ion>strange, doing dpkg -l command, i see some 3.0 ... purging
<oni-on-ion>GNU Guile
<oni-on-ion>this is the current install from git. i've no idea where the dpkg came from, was not aware that 3.0 was even in repo, especially since i havent used this PC since august. so this is my fault for sure... =)
<daviid>oni-on-ion: i think you should uninstall/purge everything, then re install the one you wish to use - worth the time it will take i think, and make sure to visit your bash or whatever env vars, /etc/ ... with calm and being cautious, taking notes for yourself on those steps to purge/clean/track and remain 'the boss of the situation' :)
<daviid>oni-on-ion: after you uninstall/purge everything (related to guile I meant), i recommend you run a 'serious debian updates', I use aptitude, but ... even if yu still wana install from from a git clone, but if not, the then you should be able to just install the latest guile-3.0, guile-3.0-dev and guile-3.0-libs
<oni-on-ion>i do install most things from git clones, for the stuff i use most often. the version above is from yesterday's git install
<oni-on-ion>i should probably do dist-upgrade for apt
*aleix waves
<aleix>wingo: gentle reminder, s'il vous plaƮt :-)
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<daviid>tohoyn: it just occured to me that you are the debian guile-cairo maintainer, could you update the package? there has been a few releases upstream, and debian still points to 1.10.0 ... if you have questions about guile-cairo itself, the current co-maintainer hangs here as well :), his nick is lloda ... it would be nice to have a recent guile-cairo package in debian ...
<tohoyn>lloda: Hi. Are you a maintainter of guile-cairo?
<tohoyn>sneek, botsnack
<oni-on-ion>i hear cairo is officially dead =(
<tohoyn>is it the same thing with guile-gnome2?
<spk121>pretty sure neither cairo nor guile-cairo are dead. There have been commits to both repos recently
<oni-on-ion>ah, hmm
<oni-on-ion>tohoyn, no
<spk121>the main cairo project is seeking a new maintainer, though. Bryce wants to step down
<oni-on-ion>i've got cairo going real time with opengl i'd hate to change things up
<lloda>hi tohoyn
<lloda>i guess i am A maintainer
<lloda>i did the last release 1.11.1
<tohoyn>File build-aux/git-version-gen is not present in
<tohoyn>consequently does not work
<lloda>i got an email about that, was that you?
<tohoyn>probably yes
<lloda>i checked it was in git so that confused me
<lloda>an error in building the tar maybe
<lloda>actually, why does need to work from the .gz? that should have configure already
<lloda>tohoyn: ?
<tohoyn>lloda: I think it would be good if worked
<tohoyn>lloda: for example, if you need to make patches in the debianization
<lloda>is that all you need?
<tohoyn>for now, yes
<tohoyn>there may arise other issues in the debianization
<lloda>i'll put out a new .tar.gz later
<lloda>it always takes me time to remember how to sign the thing :-\
<ayys>I am working with large numbers in Guile. When I try to convert these numbers from string, I get this error - In procedure string->number: Value out of range: -865. I am not sure how to catch this exception. The usual throw catch method doesn't seem to work here.
<RhodiumToad>do you know what the input string is?
<RhodiumToad>I'm guessing the input is a float with too large an exponent
<ayys>Yes. I know the input string. 887.678e-865.
<RhodiumToad>right. the exponent there is out of the representable range
<RhodiumToad>catch seems to work for it
<ayys>Can you share an example catch expression for this?
<RhodiumToad>old style, (catch 'out-of-range (lambda () (string->number "1e-865")) (lambda _ 0))
<ayys>Thanks! This seems to work fine.
<dsmith-work>Hey Hi Howdy, Guilers
<chrislck>Rhodium: how does modern catch look like?
<RhodiumToad>see with-exception-handler
<chrislck>NaiveQu: what was wrong with catch?
<chrislck>ah the manual says catch is more complex
<chrislck>good manual
<RhodiumToad>the problem was that between guile's old throw/catch and the rnrs exceptions, there were two (or more?) incompatible error handling systems
<RhodiumToad>so the point was to unify them
<RhodiumToad>so now catch can catch an rnrs exception and with-exception-handler can catch a throw
<chrislck>nice, thx
<dsmith-work>In the past, a common probelm in Guile is that the back trace printer throws an exception, giving a very misleading error report. Hopefully, the new exception code will do better.
*janneke adds set-mode procedure for mingw
<aleix>lloda: posted this message a while back with some tweaks to autoconf/make (in case you missed it)
<lloda>oh i missed it now :-/
<lloda>sneek: later tell aleix sorry I missed it I'll try to have a look asap
<lloda>maybe if i'm forced to make a few releases in a row it will stop being such a pain
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<daviid>lloda: do you need help? for the release I mean
<daviid>lloda: to sign nongnu releases, I use gpg -b --use-agent <the-tar-ball>
<daviid>(gnu releases are signed as part of the automatic things done while uploading ...)
<daviid>lloda: to verify, gpg --verify <the-tar-ball>
<daviid>then, chmod 644 the tar and signature files before uploading
<daviid>to upload, scp <the-tar-ball>* (that will grab the taball and the signature files) llloda(or your savannah username if it differs)
<daviid>* (or
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<daviid>lloda: I think :), but if you need more help let me know ...
<aleix>anyone attending any Guix discussions on Sunday?
<sneek>aleix, you have 1 message!
<sneek>aleix, lloda says: sorry I missed it I'll try to have a look asap