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<daviid>tohoyn: nice, you might want 'to move' your "Hello World" example so it uses the gtk-application/g-application-run paradigm - then you also might want to add some more examples, and make screenshots ... my 2c
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<chrislck>ice-9 is unusual places (5:15s)
<oni-on-ion>ohh i like this
<oni-on-ion>how do i debug this? when i start guile, this is the only line it gives:
<oni-on-ion>Pre-boot error; key: misc-error, args: ("load-thunk-from-memory" "incompatible bytecode version" () #f)aborted
<oni-on-ion>not sure how to trace it. the binary will not even accept arguments
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<justin_smith>oni-on-ion: I don't know that specific error, but an easy thing to try is using -q to disable your config (if any)
<justin_smith>if it's not your config, your packaging / install is likely bad, and it's trying to load objects compiled by a different guile version
<oni-on-ion>hmm, tried -q (same error) . and i think you are right
<oni-on-ion>i've removed all traces of any guile, i've had 3.0 previously (august). and rebuilt, hmm
<justin_smith>google indicates this is a problem that comes up with guix mixing root and user configs
<justin_smith>oni-on-ion: yeah, it would be the .go files (which are automatically generated) causing this problem, so you might want to look at where it's finding those
<oni-on-ion>hmm. on debian here. i will hunt down these files in system ~
<oni-on-ion>it works ! just manually deleted everything all over /usr/local/ and /usr/ related to guile.
<oni-on-ion>thanks for the help =) hope you are having a great day! blessings
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<ArneBab>wingo: theres a Guix talk that talked about problems using Fibers in Cuirass. Are you in contact?
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<dsmith-work>{appropriate time} Greetings, Guilers
<spk121>dsmith-work: good morning
<justin_smith>oni-on-ion: that makes me wonder if the debian package definition for the latest guile (or the one before it) are broken?
<oni-on-ion>justin_smith, i could have had some guix things happening? i do not remember installing it on this debian system
<daviid>justin_smith: very unlikely (the latest debian package definition for guile ... literally impossible), but multiple installations with bad user config, very likely, imo
<daviid>oni-on-ion: guile is a dependency of some pacjages ... not many, but a few ... those who do not want the debian package (like myself) have to track and uninstall those ...
<daviid>uninstall/not install and keep an eye, while runnig the updates, once in a while it re-appears, so to speak ...